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The pre-installed calendar is not bad for usability
Month display screen of “Business Calendar”. Six weeks are displayed, but the large screen of Optimus Vu is quite easy to see

When using the Optimus Vu, I often think that a large screen would be nice. Naturally, the web is easy to read, and e-mail and Twitter are displayed in large letters, so it’s great for middle-aged and older people who are starting to worry about their eyesight declining. I feel that the ease of viewing the map is more than double that of a 4-inch class terminal. For character input, I mainly use “mazec” for handwriting input, but because the width of the screen is wide, I can write 5 or 6 characters at once, which is very useful.

Another thing that I find really easy to see and use is the calendar. On a typical smartphone, when the month view is used, the subject of the registered schedule is not displayed, and when the week view is used, only a few days can be displayed at a time. come. There are many calendar apps available in the Google Play store, so you can choose and use the one that suits your needs, but even a calendar that can display a lot of information at once can be cluttered if the screen is small. It becomes difficult to see.

Even with the pre-installed calendar app, Optimus Vu displays a monthly calendar on the screen, and you can switch between today, this week, and schedule lists at the bottom of the screen. The letters are also displayed large, so I am quite satisfied with this. However, in order to use it more comfortably, I have installed an application called “Business Calendar”.

“Business Calendar” is often introduced as an easy-to-use calendar app, so I’m sure there are people who are already using it, but the appeal is that it can be operated intuitively. For example, on the month view screen, if you trace a few days you want to check in detail, it will switch to the week view that includes those days. On the weekly display screen, a bar of “1 to 14” is displayed at the bottom, and if you trace it, you can switch from 1 day display to 14 day display. You can also press and hold the entered schedule and drag it to move it. These operations can be done very comfortably with the Optimus Vu using a pen. New schedules can also be entered with “mazec” using a pen, so it’s like getting the best of both analog and digital.

Previously, when I was using the GALAXY S II LTE SC-03D, I switched from “Jorte” to this “Business Calendar”, but after changing the model to the large screen Optimus Vu, I made a mistake with the touch operation of the fine part I no longer have to do it, and I’m more and more realizing the ease of use of this calendar app.

Of course, you can sync with Googlel calendar and add local calendars. You can set multiple calendars and turn them on and off.

I’m using a paid version that allows you to use widgets, and I forgot how much I paid for it, but when I checked today, it was 358 yen, so it may be a little expensive for an app of this kind. However, the widget also has a high degree of freedom in setting, and the Optimus Vu is useful because it can display the to-do list on a large screen. If you don’t need the widgets, I think the free version will suffice, so if you’re unhappy with the default calendar, give it a try.

If you trace the day you want to check in detail, it will switch to week view. You can also check the time on the week view screen, and you can adjust the number of days displayed on the screen by moving the bottom bar.
Optimus Vu’s initial “mazec” is used for schedule input The widget displays a schedule list so that you can quickly see the schedule from today onwards.

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