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Wataru Baba

On the 20th, SAP Japan Co., Ltd. announced “SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA” (hereinafter referred to as “Suite on HANA”) as a new option for “SAP Business Suite” users. It will be available in Japan from the end of May. At the recital, Mr. Wataru Baba, General Manager of Real-Time Computing Business Headquarters, explained what will change with Suite on HANA, which is described as “disruptive innovation.”

What “Suite on HANA” means

In 2010, SAP put SAP HANA at the core of its products, and has a vision to integrate and transform all of transaction processing (core system), analysis / planning / analysis processing (information system), and high-speed processing (complementary technology). publication. This Suite on HANA will be a major milestone in this effort.

SAP Business Suite is SAP’s main product consisting of CRM / ERP / PLM / SCM. Suite on HANA will allow HANA to be selected as the database for SAP Business Suite.

Execute business application processing in memory with SAP HANA. “It has been proven to improve performance by tens to hundreds of times,” he said, but that is not the only meaning of “Suite on HANA.” In the past, it was common sense to pass data from the database to the application and process it on the application side, assuming that database processing is slow. Overturning this common sense, part of the processing of SAP Business Suite is executed (pushed down) on the database side. That’s why the SAP Business Suite has also been redesigned and optimized for HANA.

It has been reported that the Suite on HANA project has been underway for some time, but the timing of the offer has finally been decided in Japan. The company thinks that “the IT industry will not change unless it is 10,000 times faster,” but “Suite on HANA is the disruptive innovation that makes it possible.”

Perform processing at the database layer

This is the illustration. The left is a conventional model that processes with an application. The right is the Suite on HANA model.No need to move the crane to pass the data

Specifically, what will change in daily work

An example of a transaction that has been pushed down at this time

Then, how will daily work change? An example of a transaction pushed down is released at the moment, and among them, MRP (Material Rezuirements Planning) online all planning execution (MD01), function location hierarchy list (IH01), equipment list (IE07), structure It includes transactions such as inquiries (IH03), and “some people are delighted or enthusiastic about hearing them,” he said.

“For example, by executing MD01 directly on HANA, the RESB table for inventory management (stores receipt / delivery schedule information) is on HANA, and the supply / demand statement reading process for each item is executed in HANA as a result. Only return to ERP, so it will be a dramatic speed. “

Also, “When checking the available inventory that takes into account future goods in and out, there is a VBBE table (stores the required quantity information assigned to sales and shipping slips) in HANA, and that program is in HANA. If it is done and only the result is returned to ERP, you can instantly answer, “It’s okay to sell that amount today.”

Furthermore, “When a home appliance maker suddenly receives a large-scale cancellation, apart from the product that has already been made, parts such as capacitors that have already been made can be reused for another product if the BOM is opened immediately. Or, develop a BOM that handles tens of thousands of parts, accumulate the cost of each part, and instantly simulate the functions and product costs that can be omitted with simple new products for emerging countries. For example, you can instantly plan products such as an air conditioner for 5,000 yen and a bike for 30,000 yen. “

All of them were bound by various restrictions in conventional databases and could not be processed very much, and such concrete discussions are now intensifying.

“We use Twitter and Facebook to come up with various ideas from within the company. We will continue to engage in such exchanges with our partners and users,” he said.

How will the business change concretely?We are in-house to come up with ideas through SNS like this, and we will continue to work with partners and users in the future.

What should I start with?

If you want to use Suite on HANA, what should users start with? As a guideline, based on the actual usage log of the SAP application, a list of specific business processes (23 types) that will benefit, transaction codes (hundreds of business processing functions) that are the basis, and database tables that are the basis. And also provide an assessment report of the degree of business improvement (HANA benefit business assessment).

Since the code actually used, the referenced table, the delay status there, etc. are referred from the actual usage log, it is possible to confirm the merit according to the usage situation of the company, not the standard merit. It’s a point. Currently, it is available in English, but it will be available in Japanese from March.

An example of HANA benefit business assessment.Select a business department

Shows transactions and time savings that are accelerated in your specific process

Drill down display of more detailed value and improved transactions

The migration to Suite on HANA supports both new installations and upgrades. Available by selecting SAP HANA as the database for the latest version of SAP Business Suite 6.0 Enhancement Package 6.0. Upgrades to the latest version of SAP Business Suite are possible from any previous version, and there are no restrictions on the upgrade path.

The migration work can be done by exporting the database and importing it into HANA, “it has no effect on the application server or front-end environment,” he said. In addition, if the scratch-developed original application is modified in the same way as the pushdown performed in this SAP Business Suite, “original application on HANA” is also possible. At that time, SAP will also give advice on repairs.

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