NEC adopts “SAP Business ByDesign” for overseas group companies and strengthens its core system with “2-tier ERP” – Cloud Watch

On the 27th, NEC Corporation (NEC) will sequentially install a core system using SAP’s cloud-based ERP solution “SAP Business ByDesign” for its small and medium-sized overseas group companies in order to further strengthen its global management. Announced that it will be introduced and expanded. As the first installation, NEC New Zealand started system operation in September.

In addition to standardizing the business processes of sales, accounting, and purchasing, which had previously been individually optimized for each organization and company, NEC built a core system that supports these operations using SAP ERP. are deployed in major group companies.

This time, in order to further strengthen global management, we will apply standardized business processes to small and medium-sized overseas group companies that have not yet introduced a core system. decided to introduce and deploy a core system using “SAP Business ByDesign” as a cloud solution that can support

At present, we have standardized the mission-critical systems that small and medium-sized overseas group companies have individually introduced using “SAP Business ByDesign”, and integrated them with the mission-critical systems using “SAP ERP” for major group companies in Japan and overseas. Operated with a two-layer structure. Utilizing the affinity obtained by using the same SAP products and promoting the linkage of management data, in addition to strengthening governance such as visualization of management information and early settlement of accounts, regional management and real-time management at each company realization of management analysis, etc.

In addition, by using “SAP Business ByDesign”, a cloud solution for medium-sized bases, it is possible to respond quickly and flexibly to various changes in the business environment, such as legal systems and business practices in each country, new entry, M&A, and market fluctuations. realization. In addition, in line with future business growth, we will prepare a methodology for migrating to a core system using “SAP ERP”.

Regarding this initiative, NEC maintains the core ERP (1st tier) that has already been introduced at the head office and major bases, while at other bases it is highly flexible and can be introduced in a short period of time and at low cost (2nd tier). It is explained that it is based on the concept of “two-tier ERP” that aims for overall optimization on a global basis by developing As a result, we will be able to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in legal systems, business practices, and business environments in each country, while also standardizing the core system of the entire group, thereby strengthening governance, speeding up consolidated business management, It is said that it will realize stable operation of core business and reduction of system operation cost.

In addition, we have modeled know-how related to the introduction and deployment of core systems using “SAP Business ByDesign” in-house, and cooperation and migration with core systems using “SAP ERP”, and provide them as a two-tier ERP solution. go. NEC aims to sell the two-tier ERP solution to 300 bases over the next three years.

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