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Those who wish to register as a DBA in the United States as a sole proprietor,
I would be happy if you could refer to it. (This time, I will use the registration in Los Angeles as an example.)

The official name of DBA (Doing Business As) is
Fictitious Business Names/ Fictitious Names.
Even if the company is registered (S Corp, C Corp, LLC, etc.),
DBA registration is required when doing business under a different name.

For registration, use your personal SSN (Social Security number)
Employer Identification Number/ Federal Tax ID Number is required.

For Los Angeles,
On the website of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk,
Official information is here.

You can register yourself by following the instructions here.

First, check if the company name you want is already being used by someone else as a DBA.
If it is not used, enter the information for FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT.

Within 30 days after filling out and filing the form,
Publication (Advertisement in newspaper etc.: 4 weeks, maybe $40-$50) is required.
(You are obliged to publicly state that you will do business under this name.)
Some newspaper companies offer both Filing and Publication as a service.
Considering the time and effort, I think you can use such a service.

Once the publication is complete, the Advertiser Proof and
A certificate will be mailed back to you saying that it has been certified with a purple seal on the back of the document.

register records stamp

Then, when the registration is completed, if you go to the bank with the documents,
A business account can be opened in the name of the registered DBA!

Well then, everyone, GOOD LUCK!!

If you are “I don’t really understand!”, please contact us in the comment section or directly by e-mail.

*This information is current as of January 2017. For specialized legal-related information, please contact various specialized attorneys.

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