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Bose will release the theater systems “Lifestyle 600 home entertainment system” and “Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system” that use wireless rear speakers on February 18. The price is 390,000 yen for the “600” and 490,000 yen for the “650”.

Theater system “Life style 600 home entertainment system”

On the same day, the integrated sound bar “SoundTouch 300” was also announced. Reported in another article.

The Lifestyle 600/650 home entertainment system is a theater system that consists of four satellite speakers, a horizontally long and slim center speaker, a subwoofer, and a console.

The biggest feature of the 650 is that it uses the newly developed “Omni Jewel speaker” as the satellite speaker. Two small and powerful units “High Excursion Transducer” are placed facing each other across the reflector. In the part where the reflector is located, there are innumerable small mesh-shaped holes in the housing, from which sound can be output and playback with a sense of envelopment is possible. At the same time, it is also reducing distortion.

Newly developed “Omni Jewel speaker”

“Next-generation satellite cube speakers. The mission given to the development team is to” halve the size while maintaining the same performance as traditional satellite speakers, “said Pete O’Gree, general manager of Bose’s Audio for Video group. “But these improvements are what Bose is good at. As a result, it was surprising that the development team not only halved the size, but also improved performance.” The external dimensions of the satellite are 47 x 47 x 147 mm (width x depth x height). The housing is made of aluminum and has a hairline finish.

These four satellite speakers use two for the front and two for the rear, but the rear is characterized by a wireless connection. However, power supply is required. Two receivers in a separate housing from the speakers are included, and the receiver is powered and the receiver drives the rear satellite speaker connected with the speaker cable.

The console also has an output terminal for rear speakers, which can be used with a wired connection.

The center speaker has five built-in units facing the front. The one in the center is in charge of the center channel, and the two on each side play the role of diffusing the sound forward. As a result, it is possible to improve the sense of presence and reproduce clear lines.

Center speaker

Introducing the newly developed QuietPort technology to the subwoofer. By passing sound through parts such as pipes, it saves space and enhances bass reproduction. Normally, when you speak with your mouth on the pipe, you will get a muffled and unnatural voice, but with QuietPort technology, the pipe with slits suppresses distortion and makes a natural sound.


By combining this QuietPort technology with DSP, he says, “I realized a deep, clear, lively and realistic sound.”

At the recital, there will also be a demonstration introducing the benefits of QuietPort technology.

Inside a subwoofer with QuietPort technology

Also equipped with “ADAPTiQ” that automatically adjusts to the acoustic characteristics according to the installation environment. The console is equipped with 6 HDMI systems as input terminals. It is also equipped with RCA analog audio x 2, optical digital x 2, and coaxial digital x 2. HDMI output is one system. It also supports HDCP 2.2.


The back of the console

HDMI input on the front.It also has earphone output

The audio format supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, and PCM multi-channel.

Equipped with Wi-Fi and NFC compatible Bluetooth functions. You can play music from your smartphone on the theater system, and it also supports Internet radio and Spotify. It can also be linked with Bose’s SoundTouch series, and can be used to play the same song from SoundTouch speakers installed in separate rooms and the theater system.

“Unify” is also available for easy setting according to the guide displayed on the screen. The remote control also supports operations such as TVs and players.

Curved glass is used at the top of the console. Not only was it adopted with particular attention to its appearance, but it also took into consideration the ease with which radio waves could pass when connecting to surround speakers wirelessly.

Attached remote control

Difference between Lifestyle 600/650

The difference between 600 and 650 is satellite speakers and center speakers. The lower model 600 comes with the same Jewel Cube speakers as before. Other than that, the functions of the subwoofer and console are the same as the 650.

Jewel Cube speaker used in 600

Subwoofer and console functionality is the same as the 650

“Products that are perfect for Japanese people”

Pete O’Gree, general manager of the Audio for Video group, said about the sound bar “SoundTouch 300” announced on the same day, “A product that allows you to enjoy full-scale sound with one piece. It can be expanded by adding a subwoofer and rear speakers.” Introduction.

Audio for Video Group General Manager Pete O’Gree

Furthermore, for Lifestyle 600/650, we will appeal “new products for customers who demand the best sound and design”. The 650 OmniJewel speaker, which has achieved a significant miniaturization, is easy to install, but “It fits in a living space like Japan where it is difficult to place large AV equipment due to its close proximity to the neighborhood. Is a connoisseur, technically superior, and high quality product is preferred. It is a perfect product for all of you. “

He also mentioned that the style of enjoying video distribution via the Internet on TV is becoming more common around the world, including Japan. “Although it is becoming possible to enjoy various contents with high image quality, the sound is often forgotten. “The last piece that we are doing”, and appealed as a product to increase the satisfaction of the video distribution service.

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