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Cloud storage is convenient, but be careful when using it in a company

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Full-scale business use

Dropbox is easy to use, syncs fast, and can easily share huge files. Once you’ve experienced these benefits, it’s natural to want to use them at work. However, there is a slight problem with that.

For example, it’s easy to use, so you can easily share your work files. Since it can be used on multiple devices, you can access important data on your home computer or personal iPhone.

This condition is sometimes referred to as “shadow IT” in the sense of hidden IT that is beyond the control of a company’s information systems department. Of course, Shadow IT is a big security and governance issue for businesses.

That’s where Dropbox Business for businesses comes in. Details will be explained in the following sections, but first, let’s summarize the plans that can be selected with Dropbox.


Dropbox main plans

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What is Dropbox Business?

Here, we will focus on the Dropbox Business (Standard / Advanced / Enterprise) developed for enterprises and explain its features. By using Dropbox Business, you can solve various problems in companies that cannot be solved by Dropbox for individuals, and you can use Dropbox more efficiently and safely.

As mentioned earlier, there are some issues with using personal Dropbox for businesses. This is because, as long as it is used by a company, the security and management functions required by the company are required.

That’s why Dropbox for businesses was developed. There are three types of Dropbox Business for enterprises: Standard / Advanced / Enterprise. “Dropbox Business Standard” is suitable for small organizations with about 10 people. If everyone in your organization or company knows you won’t be using 2TB, then Dropbox Business Standard should be fine.

“Dropbox Business Advanced” is suitable for companies that require more advanced management functions. In particular, you can give administrator privileges to other members and manage them on a group-by-group basis, so if you have a large number of people, “Dropbox Business Advanced” is suitable.

“Dropbox Business Enterprise” is for large companies, and the contract method is also individual. The contents of this manual will be helpful for the functions and operability, but please contact us individually for the contract method.

What only Dropbox Business can do

Dropbox Business includes all the basic and plus features for individuals. Therefore, if you have been using Basic or Plus, you can use Dropbox Business without any problems. The following describes Dropbox Business-specific features that are not available in Basic and Plus.

Management function by management console

Dropbox Business has an administrator. Administrators can register and delete members, and manage special folders called team folders that members can use in common. The “Administration Console” is provided to take advantage of these administrator functions. Please note that the management console is only available to team admins. General members do not use the management console.


Dropbox Business management console.Various management and security functions for enterprises are provided.

Collaboration by multiple members

Dropbox Business is designed to be used by multiple members. For example, a “team folder” is a special folder that can only be created by an administrator, and all members of the team can automatically share files. There is also a function to manage members by dividing them into groups, such as “General Affairs Department” and “Sales Department”. In addition, multiple members can comment on a single file.


Multiple members can comment on a file


Anyone can do it! Dropbox Business Implementation Guide

Smart sync

Smart Sync is a feature that allows you to treat files in the cloud as if they were local files. A computer with a small disk capacity will be able to handle a large number of files in the cloud without consuming the local hard disk. This is a very effective function when a large number of members utilize shared folders.

Multiple administrator privileges

In Dropbox Business Advanced and above, the administrator also has “Team administrator”, “User administrator”, and “Support administrator”. If you have a large number of members, you can effectively manage your entire organization by granting these administrator privileges to other members.

Version control and restore deleted files

Dropbox Business keeps older versions of files every time you update a file. This makes it easy to restore older versions of files. Also, deleted files will remain, so you can restore all deleted files (or even delete them altogether). The restoration period is 120 days.

Member activity monitoring

In a company, it is important to be able to track the activities of employees on the system as a history. In Dropbox Business, all activities performed by a member on Dropbox are recorded as “activity”. Administrators can see activity for a particular member or date at any time.


Dropbox Business allows you to see all the activities of your members

High security features such as remote deletion

Another feature of Dropbox Business is that it has various security functions. For example, an administrator can have all members set up two-step verification. You can also limit the number of devices that can be used and the range in which folders and files can be shared. In addition, there is a remote delete feature that automatically removes Dropbox from your lost device.

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