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Use apps to make using your smartphone more enjoyable and comfortable. In this corner, we will introduce the “Teppan” apps that are a must-have for smartphone users, carefully selected by the editorial department from the seasonal apps that are appearing one after another!

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App name: Amazon Shopping App
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free
Supported OS: iOS 8.0 or later, Android OS
Category: Shopping

“Amazon Business Account” officially started on September 20th. It is a service that provides convenient functions and product lineups for corporations and sole proprietors. Even with this Amazon Business account, the conventional “Amazon Shopping App” can be used as it is, but in fact, some products are offered at a lower price than usual, so I would like the target users to try it.

You can use the “Amazon Shopping App” as is even with a business account.

Some office supplies are even cheaper

The most exciting difference between an Amazon Business account and a personal Amazon account is product pricing. products are often inexpensive to begin with, but some of the prices are further discounted as “corporate prices”, making it easier to buy in bulk.

Corporate prices are often applied mainly to office supplies. For example, a specific copy paper is normally 18% off, but in your Amazon Business account, it’s 33% off. We also found small safes that were 5-6% off the normal selling price.

18% discount on the price of copy paper displayed in the regular account

On the other hand, in the business account, it was written as “corporate price” and was 33% off.

Regular price for a small safe

also discounted

Expedited shipping is also OK.However, Prime Now cannot be used

Since it is not possible to check only the products with corporate prices in a list, it is difficult to notice which products are cheaper, but there is a high possibility that you can save more money than if you continue to use it with a personal account. Despite the fact that there are currently no monthly or annual membership fees, it is also an advantage that you can use “express delivery” in the same way as Amazon Prime members.

There are also functions that lead to labor saving in accounting processing, such as supporting a payment method (bank transfer) by billing on a monthly basis. If you are a corporate or sole proprietor, we recommend that you consider introducing an Amazon business account as soon as possible.

“Bill payment” that allows you to pay by invoice on a monthly basis up to a certain amount is available

Once you enable Pay by Invoice, you will be able to select it as a payment method when making purchases.

Currently, the same Amazon shopping app “Amazon Prime Now” cannot be used with an Amazon business account. In the first place, Amazon Prime Now does not issue a receipt unless you contact support, so it is not a service that is very suitable for corporate use. Considering discounts and express shipping, it seems better to centralize the arrangement of office supplies with the Amazon shopping app.

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