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Amazon Fashion’s in-house photography studio opened in Shinagawa Seaside, Tokyo on March 15th. The inside has been released.

The new studio is the fourth to open after Brooklyn, New York, London, and Delhi, India. was launched in 2000, followed by an apparel, shoes, and watch store in 2007, and a jewelry store in 2009. After that, he started Amazon Fashion in 2014 and became the title sponsor of Tokyo Fashion Week (Tokyo Collection) in 2016.

In 2017, Amazon Fashion began handling more than 1,000 new brands such as CALVIN KLEIN, VENDOME AOYAMA, URBAN RESEARCH, KBF, and ADORE. did. In addition, on the site, you can get the latest items of brands that symbolize Tokyo today, ““AT TOKYO” BRAND STORE”, collaboration with mita sneakers, atmos, and styles. , you can find a wide range of sneakers from limited editions to classics at Amazon Kicks, and Suits Store, where you can buy items from famous suit stores such as Aoki and Haruyama all at once. The company is vigorously expanding its domestic business in Japan, such as by developing stores that are unique to Japan.

The new studio is large-scale with a lounge, conference room, library, 11 still shooting areas, 5 video shooting areas, 2 editorial studios, and resident hair and makeup and stylists. In the future, we will fully launch a service that allows customers to view all the millions of fashion items handled by Amazon in videos. In addition, Mame Kurogouchi, AMBUSH, NEIGHBORHOOD, etc. will be held in the special program “AT TOKYO” of “Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO” starting March 19th. In addition to inviting students to the fashion shows of the brands from which they originated, they will further strengthen their efforts to support the Japanese fashion scene, such as providing studios to young designers free of charge as part of the program. A show for one brand will also be held at the same studio this season.

Jasper Chan, President of Amazon Japan G.K., said, “Japan is one of Amazon’s global focus areas. It’s been 17 years since we started our business in Japan, and we’re always striving to better serve our customers.” We believe that we can do even more to provide this.In order to connect this opening to the creation of new jobs, at the same time, we will continue to send a large amount of money to Japan so that Amazon can provide the best service for our customers. We will continue to invest in the

James Peters, Vice President of Amazon Japan G.K., General Manager of Fashion Business Division, said, “Today, we were able to open the largest photography studio in the history of Amazon Fashion in Tokyo, which is attracting attention from around the world as a place where fashion trends are born. Amazon has grown into one of the leading online fashion sites in Japan.Our goal is to make Amazon Fashion a comfortable place for customers to purchase fashion items. We always want to improve the experience of our customers when buying fashion items online.With more high-definition photos and videos shot and produced in this studio, our customers can see color, You will be able to check the cutting, sizing, texture, etc. in more detail.From now on, Amazon Fashion will continue to make efforts to make the shopping experience of our customers even more wonderful.”

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