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Abdominal muscles are meaningless

Experts said that traditional abdominal exercises are ineffective.

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From renowned trainers in Manhattan’s state-of-the-art gyms to the National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS) in Indianapolis to the US Army’s physical fitness tests, old-fashioned abs exercises are declining.

Abdominal exercises were once an essential part of training, but scientific research has shown that they don’t narrow your hips or remove fat from your abdomen. It is also not the best way to strengthen your abdominal muscles, maintain flexibility, or build physical strength for long-distance running.

The U.S. Army will gradually abolish the “two-minute abdominal exercises” that have been conducted for decades as one of the physical fitness tests by the end of 2020, and instead, it will be more effective in improving the combat immediate stress of soldiers, concretely. Deadlift (lifts the barbell on the floor until it is upright), power throw (throws a ball weighing about 4 kg far behind), drag and carry (pulls a sled weighing 40 kg) After that, he announced that he would use a dumbbell of about 18 kg (running with one in each hand). The Washington Times reported.

NIFS trainer and exercise physiologist Tony Maloney welcomes this change.

“I don’t really like old-fashioned abs,” he told Business Insider in May 2018.

“It can hurt your back, especially if you do it the wrong way.”

Let’s take a look at nine expertly recommended ways to make your abdominal muscles stronger and more flexible.

Well-known fitness trainer Anna Kaiser does the old-fashioned abdominal exercises (raising the upper body from the supine position) in the wrong way, which makes her hungry. Said.

Famous fitness trainer Anna Kaiser


“(Old-fashioned) abdominal exercises push the abdominal muscles out and the lower abdomen more and more,” Kaiser told Business Insider the other day.

The points are tightening the transverse abdominal muscles and Kaiser. The transverse abdominal muscle is the inner muscle between the thorax and the waist.

Kaiser said that if you want to train your abdominal muscles, you have to train the muscles in the back of your abdomen. Try the following exercises.

Exercise to train the abdominal muscles

Sit with your knees bent and your feet snug on the floor. Grasp the back of your knees with both hands, pull your abdominal muscles (withdraw your abdomen), and tilt your pelvis forward. An image that creates the shape of the letter “C”.

Then raise both arms, pull back and move back and forth.

Push-ups are also a wide range of exercises that are effective on the abdomen and other areas.

push ups

Be aware of your stomach when doing push-ups.


Maloney said the effect of push-ups was enormous. You can train your entire upper body, from your arms to your shoulders and abdominal muscles.

“You can train your core while getting the effect of tightening your upper body.”

It’s not just about a healthy abdomen and appearance that you should aim for. “Human, without abdominal muscles, he quickly collapses,” Maloney said. He said the abdominal muscles should be thought of as stabilizing the spine.

A man who trains his abdominal muscles


“Traditional abdominal exercises naturally involve movement. I prefer a static method, such as Planck (straightening and supporting with elbows and toes),” Maloney said.

Maloney said a 30-40 second plank is recommended to train the abdominal muscles.

There is another reason why fitness professionals prefer planks. You can train various muscles in the abdomen at the same time.

Woman to plan


In January 2018, Heather Milton, a senior exercise physiologist at New York University’s Langon Health School, said Planck works on many muscles as a surefire way to build the strength needed to stay healthy every day. I told Business Insider.

“It works not only on the six pads, that is, the rectus abdominis muscles, but also on the transverse abdominal muscles and the oblique abdominal muscles.”

After mastering the plank, lift one elbow and one leg at the same time to raise the level. “If you devise it, planks will be more fun and more effective,” Maloney said.

Plank with one elbow and one leg raised


“Just raising one elbow puts a heavy load on your body.”

Side plank is also effective.

Side plank


Plank’s posture is “a state in which the spine is fixed and stable. This is what the abdominal muscles are doing,” Maloney said.

Tighten your hips and lift one leg.

Milton recommends the Leg Raise, which hangs from the bar and lifts the legs, if you’re looking for a seriously cracked sixpack.

A man hanging on a rope

Let’s challenge Leg Raise.

(Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

Tighten your abdominal muscles and lift your legs straight forward. Do not put pressure on your ankles. If done correctly, the body will be in the shape of an “L” and appear to be hanging.

Milton recommends Leg Raise over traditional abdominal muscles. That doesn’t hurt his back.

Dara Torres, who represented the United States in the Olympics and won 12 medals (4 of which are gold medals), praised Planck’s abdominal muscles, as did the experts here.

Gold medal player Dara Torres

Tony Duffy / ALLSPORT / Getty Images

Torres has added an arrangement to slowly move his hips from side to side while maintaining Planck’s posture in order to increase the effect. “It works on the oblique muscles, so I definitely recommend it if you’re aiming for a six pad,” she said.

Torres also performs flutter kicks (flutter kicks) and scissor kicks (alternately crossing his legs) while lying on his back. But don’t forget to keep your hands under your hips so you don’t hurt your back.

Exercise to train the abdominal muscles recommended by gold medal player Dara Torres


“You don’t have to raise your legs high. It doesn’t work on your abdominal muscles. I want you to keep your legs about 15 cm above the floor,” Torres said.

And keep your stomach tight.

If you follow the simple advice from the experts presented here, you will get a steel-like abdominal muscle.

Dara Torres showing abdominal muscles

Dara Torres.

Gene Kim

I’m sure my spine will be grateful.

[Original: Fitness experts agree that sit-ups are worthless — here are 9 moves they recommend instead]

(Translation: Yasuko Endo / Galileo, Editing: Takayuki Masuda)

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