Launch of “Space Food X” project to create a food market in space by JAXA and others – Concentration of all Japanese technologies

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The information in the article is as of 2019-03-29.

JAXA and others will launch a project called “Space Food X,” which aims to create a food market in space. It is a cross-disciplinary effort, with more than 30 companies and research institutes participating as initial members. A future where you can enjoy meals similar to those in Japan on the moon or Mars may come sooner than you think.

“Space Food X” to create a space food market

Real Tech Fund and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (hereinafter referred to as JAXA) announced on March 27 that they will start a project “Space Food X” aiming to create a food market in space with Sigmaxys. did. More than 30 companies and research institutes will participate.

Japan becomes a pioneer in market creation (exhibitor: press release)

As countries and companies compete fiercely for space development, there is a high possibility that long-term manned stays in space will be realized in the near future. Securing food is essential for life on the moon and Mars. In addition to transportation from the earth, technology for efficient local production is also required. Although much research is being done, there are still many issues in terms of production efficiency and the types that can be produced.

On the other hand, efforts for SDGs centered on the food problem are also active on the earth. In Japan, efforts such as plant factories with extremely high production efficiency and artificial cultured meat, remote control robots, 3D food printers and other robots, and research and development using AI technology are progressing. By making the most of these Japanese technologies and food culture, we believe that closed material circulation, food production systems, food supply services, etc. can be constructed, and the food problem, which is a common issue between space and earth, can be solved. It is said that there is.

Aiming for business creation across fields

This program will be developed as part of the “Space Innovation Partnership (J-SPARC)” promoted by JAXA together with private companies. Companies, research institutes, and experts in a wide variety of fields are among the initial participants.

For example, in the food production field, euglena is developing a biotechnology business with its technology for mass cultivation of euglena, and WOTA (water) is attracting attention for its highly efficient water circulation with AI water treatment technology and its provision of shower systems to disaster areas. In the food processing field, major companies such as OPENMEALS, a 3D food printer that exhibited at SXSW, Nissin Foods Holdings, and House Foods also participated.

In the area of ​​dining space and food culture, ANA makes use of its knowledge of in-flight meals, and the name of the popular comic “Space Brothers” is lined up for market creation.

Participating members of the Space Food X Initiative (exhibitor: press release)

Mr. Mizuki Komasa of Real Tech Fund, who is the representative of Space Food X, said, “By imagining the space age with excitement and working together to realize it, both adults and children will be crazy. What we do will lead to the solution of global issues.Space Food X would like to aim for such an initiative.”

Mr. Yuta Kikuchi of JAXA’s New Business Promotion Department, who also serves as the vice president, said, “Mankind’s challenge to space is a history of accumulated technological innovation. Now that the world’s space development is heading to the new stage of the moon and Mars. “Space Food X”, which will start, will challenge how to create a future unique to Japan through the co-creation of players in different fields related to food, robots, regeneration technology, content, hospitality, and space, which are Japan’s strengths. I will!” he says.

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