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Feel like a real trip to Korea at home! #Korea home trip

Ayaka Umeda x Mayo Yoshizawa

Kimchi Chijimi

“Kimchi”, whose spicy taste and smell whet your appetite, is a “strong ally in the kitchen” that can be arranged in a variety of recipes! At Mr. Yoshizawa’s house, kimchi goes well with other ingredients, such as miso soup and natto spice. The most important point is “how to choose delicious kimchi”. If you see the “Kimchi-kun” mark on the back of the product, it means that it contains live lactic acid bacteria naturally fermented in Korea, and is full of plant-based lactic acid bacteria that are useful for beautiful skin! Feel free to enjoy Korean soul food with simple pancakes made with authentic ingredients.

paprika pancake

Ayaka Umeda x Ruri Ikeda

Colorful and colorful “paprika” is an excellent product rich in antioxidants and “beauty vitamins” that are useful for beauty. Not only does it brightly decorate the dining table at a home party where you want to make it look “photogenic”, but it’s also highly nutritious, so it’s a Korean ingredient that goes great with “beauty girls’ associations”♪ It has a Western-style finish using cheese and paprika, and has a new sensational taste that leaves a crunchy texture of paprika. It is perfect for a “home trip to Korea” that you can enjoy with a surprise “hospitality”.

Ayaka Umeda x Shiho Takanashi

Perilla leaf pancake

When eating samgyeopsal at a Korean restaurant, the perilla leaf, which appears together with lettuce, is a standard ingredient that plays an active role as a garnish for various dishes in Korea. That’s right, perilla leaves are rich in minerals and contain plenty of ingredients that are useful for beautiful skin! Therefore, we propose a pancake that mixes perilla leaves with ingredients such as green onions and clams. Takanashi said, “It’s perfect for me who like makgeolli,” because it’s a mature taste that you can enjoy the flavor of perilla and the texture of clams.

K-FOOD Beauty Research Department

The members of the beauty research department with the theme of “Eating and becoming beautiful ♥ K-FOOD” are not only “food” but also “beauty”, led by Ayaka Umeda, who is familiar with the YouTube channel “Umech (Ume-chan)”. Formed by three Instagrammers Shiho Takanashi, Ruri Ikeda, and Mayo Yoshizawa who are particular about ”. There is a lot of eye-opening information that makes you wonder, “That Korean food has such an effect!”

Ayaka Umeda

Ayaka Umeda
“Ume ch” is challenging various food reports. In connection with this K-FOOD project, she told me a memorable recipe, saying, “I put yogurt in my grandmother’s kimchi pot~♥”.

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