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There are women who are not allowed to wear glasses at work. From department store reception, showroom, banquet hall staff, and other hospitality services to beauty clinic nurses.

One woman says she is required to be a “mannequin” more than her work skills. What the hell is that?

Doesn’t it look gorgeous when you wear glasses?


Some women are prohibited from wearing glasses at work. Apparently, glasses have more meaning than medical equipment.

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Mr. A (female, 20s) who works at the information (reception desk) of a major department store says that wearing glasses during work is prohibited. Her main job is dealing with customers and renting strollers and wheelchairs.

In the grooming training to learn how to make up, the person in charge said, “Glasses are not good.”Was said.

“It was just like talking.Don’t wear glasses because you are asked for “gorgeousness”I was convinced myself at that time.nowadaysI want to put out “unification beauty”I feel like it.Of the athletic meetSet gymnasticsLike “(Mr. A)

Mr. A’s eyesight0.01 or lessis. I work 5 days a week, about 8 hours a day.Including commuting time, it takes more than 12 hours a day to wear contact lenses.Climb to. Because my eyes are lumpy due to dryness and fatigueI spend my breaks with my eyelids closedSometimes it is said.

No matter how much I devise, there are times when I’m not feeling well, and it seems that there are many mornings when I think, “Oh, I wish I could wear glasses.”

Masks are also NG, detailed rules other than glasses


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It’s been a few years since I started working.Repeatedly from the companyMust look “brilliant” and “bright”Has been said.

Uniforms are one-piece swimsuits, shoes are pumps with 5 cm heels provided by the company, and makeup is prohibited except for so-called “conservative” ones.for exampleLame eyeshadow,Dark and nudie-colored lips, colored contacts, and eyelash extensions are all NGis.

Hair color is also stipulated in the booklet distributed by the company, and it is noted that it is even a little brighter than a side noteWearing a mask is also prohibitedMr. A said, “There were times when I was worried about what to do if I had a cold. On the contrary, I’m rude to the customer.”

All the department stores where Mr. A works are women. The above is a reception-only rule, and salespeople at the sales floor can wear glasses and masks, and are allowed to wear low-heeled pumps.

The mystery that men can wear glasses even at the same reception


In some cases, women are not allowed to wear glasses, but men are allowed (the photo is an image).

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Actually, Mr. A is in his previous jobWearing glasses is prohibited even at the reception of commercial facilitiesIt had been.The same reception staff also had a man wearing glassesHowever, it is said that women were not allowed for some reason.At that time, other women with long hair should be up.“Night party roll”It was stipulated that it should be done, and if it didn’t work out, it was forced to “redo”. Mr. A was disgusted with setting it for 30 minutes every morning and cut her hair.

“Suddenly, thisThere is no salary during the time when the evening party roll is setI was sad because I thought it was.So does contact lens charges and makeupis.

in the first placeIt seems that only women are looking for beauty and gorgeousness that is not imposed on men, so I am not convinced..

I like the job of serving customers and am proud of it. I’m not working because I want to be the flower of the workplace. The important thing in customer service should be consideration. I want you to review the rules. “(Mr. A)

Is “intellectual impression” negative for job hunting?

Job hunting

Since glasses are not preferred in the hospitality industry, there is also a job hunting information site that recommends measures such as changing to contact lenses.

Source: “Future of Job Hunting” Homepage

Mr. A is not the only one who is prohibited from wearing glasses at work.

In the Business Insider Japan survey,A woman working in a showroom said, “Hair color, nails, glasses are NG, etc. are very finely regulated.”(25-29 years old, office worker / group employee).Also from female students“At the customer service part-time job at the hotel banquet hall, I was told,’Because the gesture of raising glasses is unsanitary, change to contact lenses.'”Voices such as (20-24 years old, student) were received.

Even if not prohibited“I hate women with glasses” to my bossThere is also a voice saying that.

beJob hunting information sitefor,“Glasses are not preferred in the hospitality industry, and in some cases they are prohibited,” so we recommend that you take measures such as prior research and contact lenses.The text was also posted.When you wear glasses“It’s hard to understand the facial expression”above,“There are many people who feel cold depending on how they catch it,’intellectual impression'”It is said that it is because it gives.

I’m worried about dry eye and can’t let go of my eye drops during work

eye drops

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Glasses are not limited to the hospitality industry. Mr. B (female, 32), who worked as a nurse at a beauty clinic, is one of them. Her booklet, which describes her job rules, states that she is banned from wearing glasses.

Mr. B’s eyesight is 0.3. The regular time of work is from 10 am to 8 pm, but there are many overtime hours and I often work until 10 pm. Because she wore contact lenses every day in such a lifeI was always suffering from dry eyeThat is.

Many of my colleaguesPut eye drops in your pocket and work just like when you have a hard timeI heard he was doing it. Some have had LASIK surgery.

Explaining and recommending treatment menus such as hair removal and “whitening” to patients, that is, doing business was part of Mr. A’s work as a nurse, so in addition to glasses, fingers, under the nose, arms, Sideburns, nape, etc.“Hair should not grow where people can see it” “Do not get fat” “Do not get sunburned” “Do not damage hair” “Do not reduce the number of eyelash extensions”It is said that there was always strict guidance regarding appearance.of courseMakeup is also essentialis.

Am I a nurse? Or is it a mannequin?

White coat

Mr. B said that he was surprised at first, but soon adapted. The gaze that society looks at women blunts her senses (the photo is an image).

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Mr. B was surprised at the gap at first because he changed jobs from a university hospital, but he said he quickly adapted.

“That is betterI was told that “sales will go up” and “it is convincing” and I accepted it...At university hospitals, skills and knowledge were the criteria for evaluation, but at beauty clinicsI feel that I was required to be a “mannequin” while being a nurse, more beautiful than technology...

I have wondered, but the beauty clinic is a place where “if you have a hard time, you should quit” and “because newcomers who are young, energetic, and have beautiful skin are coming in one after another.” In that air, my senses became dull, and eventually I began to take the initiative in instructing juniors and newcomers to follow the grooming rules. “(Mr. B)

What happened in Korea triggered by glasses

Mr. B retired after working at a beauty clinic for about 6 years and is now working as a web media editor. “I’m wondering if I was right,” said Mr. B. She is now trying to disseminate information that affirms the true nature of women from a beauty perspective.

“At that time, I was at the forefront of social lookism (appreciating and discriminating against people) and reproducing it.Disseminating information that empowers women without imposing uniform beautyI changed jobs because I wanted to.

If the value standards of society change, the grooming rules of the workplace will surely change.I think “(Mr. B)

In South Korea, where the standards of beauty are said to be strict, it is reported that the “de-corset movement” that counters the social oppression that has been directed toward the appearance of women has flourished by using no makeup and shortcuts. It is said that the trigger was that a female newscaster appeared wearing glasses.

Glasses are supposed to be medical devices in the first place, but why they are not allowed to be worn, and only for women.

On the other hand, #KuToo is spreading, and companies are diversifying, such as reviewing the compulsion of pumps and heels, and making uniforms not only skirts but also pants.

Business Insider Japan conducts surveys of multiple companies. The results will be reported at a later date.

(Written by Ikuko Takeshita)

* More than 1,400 people have responded to the “Workplace High Heels / Pumps Wearing, Urgent Questionnaire”. Thank you very much. We are also asking about things other than shoes, so please continue to cooperate.

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