Re-Food. × Pullman Tokyo Tamachi development menu unveiling event “Special full course for one day only” held | Press release of Re-Food.

At the unveiling event, 31 people who supported this activity at the crowdfunding service “Makuake” gathered.
At this event, the organizer Re-Food. Representative Jun Ohkita explained that 27.9 million tons of food is wasted annually in Japan, and that each Japanese person produces about one bowl of food loss per day. We explained the current state of food loss, such as the fact that food that has been damaged in the outer packaging at supermarkets is returned to factories and manufacturers. In addition, Mr. Ishii, the chef of Pullman Tokyo Tamachi, who cooperated with us this time, talked about his thoughts on menu development, such as devising a dressing that allows you to feel the taste of vegetables. In addition, Miyuki Shimamoto, a cooking researcher and food loss reduction advisor, said that an average of 22,000 yen worth of food is wasted per person per year, and that vegetables are the ingredients that are most likely to cause food loss. After talking about food loss at home, she taught me how to keep vegetables in the refrigerator longer as a simple measure to prevent food loss at home. Everyone who participated listened intently to the current state of food loss, and when Mr. Shimamoto explained the “unexpected preservation method”, they listened with surprise.
When we tasted the six developed menus, which are the main event, we received many comments that they were delicious. I was able to think again by looking at the amount of money in numbers.” and “I’m glad that I was taught about food loss countermeasures that I can do at home. From now on, I want to take measures against food loss.” I was able to get a lot of opinions.
The six developed menus will be offered as “Re-Food. Special Plates” for 7 days from October 31st (Thursday), limited to 10 meals.
Re-Food. will continue to contribute to the reduction of food loss through various activities and aim to create a society full of smiles.

“Re -Food. Special plate” menu details
Mini Teriyaki Chicken Burger with Crispy Smiley Potatoes

It is a mini hamburger that uses putty made from slaughtered egg-laying hens and smiley potatoes as buns. With sliced ​​tomato and cheddar cheese, sandwiched between crunchy smiley potatoes, you will feel happy while eating.

Fritted skewers of marinated fish topped with all-purpose green onions and ginger sauce

Bite-sized marinated frit made from fish from the central wholesale market in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture that cannot be sold due to their size or damage. Topped with a spicy ginger sauce that combines all-purpose green onions and ginger.

Re-Food Jar Salad with hydroponic leaf vegetables and non-standard lotus root

In order to reduce food loss, we added lotus root, which is non-standard and causes food loss, to leafy vegetables grown by hydroponic cultivation that realizes planned cultivation, and added accents such as uncured ham to this luxurious salad. In order to fully enjoy the taste of the ingredients, the seasoning is simple with cassis mustard whipped cream, olive oil, and salt and pepper.

Melting coffee mousse ~with coffee caviar~

We made a tart with a soft coffee mousse that melts in your mouth, making use of instant coffee whose expiration date is approaching. It is served with coffee caviar, which reproduces the caviar of high-class ingredients with coffee, and has a fun texture.A bitter and mature dessert

Strawberry Crepe Roll ~Blueberry Topping~

A crepe roll that makes use of crepe dough that is about to expire.A cute crepe roll where you can enjoy the gentle sweetness of strawberries and the elegant sweetness of blueberries together.

Crunchy New Texture Parfait ~ Strawberry Truffle Whipped Cream ~

It is a new sensation parfait where you can enjoy various textures, such as a mini parfait using three kinds of crispy chocolate, which is cutely topped with strawberry truffles, making use of strawberry whipped cream whose expiration date is approaching.

Sponsor company

Company name: With Green Co., Ltd.
Provided food name: non-standard vegetables

Food loss is often discussed from the perspective of unsold food at convenience stores and restaurants, but even farms and other production sites face food loss issues. There are various issues, such as how to deliver “non-standard vegetables” that do not meet the standards to consumers, and how to increase “plant factories” that can stably plan production without being swayed by weather conditions. I participated in this project in the form of providing ingredients as a step to let everyone know about such a situation and think about it together.

Company name: Chicken Revolutionary Group
Provided food name: Hamburg steak using minced chicken

Egg-laying chickens raised in poultry farms are 1.5 to 2 years old, and after they have finished laying eggs, most of them are disposed of by collection companies. At the Chicken Revolution Group, we formed a project with the theme of enjoying the lives of such retired chickens until the very end. Egg-laying chickens have a stronger texture than the chickens that we usually eat, and are characterized by athletic-like meat quality. This time, we used minced chicken to make a hamburger that brings out the original flavor of the chicken.

Company name: Nikken Foods Co., Ltd.
Provided food name: Crepe dough and whipped cream

It is a new sensation parfait where you can enjoy various textures, such as a mini parfait using three kinds of crispy chocolate, which is cutely topped with strawberry truffles, making use of strawberry whipped cream whose expiration date is approaching.

Company name: Manwa Suisan Co., Ltd.
Provided food name: yellowtail and yellowtail that are not on the market

Since our company is a fishery wholesale company, we can collect fish demand status from customers in real time. As our lives become more affluent, the level of demand for food has risen, and it often happens that we cannot sell food due to its size or damage. In order to let you know even a little bit about such a situation where you can eat but you can’t wholesale, this time we have put out fish that are not standard and difficult to price in the market.

“Re-Food. Special plate” provision overview
Period: October 31 (Thursday) to November 6 (Wednesday), 2019 * Limited to 7 days
Place: Pullman Tokyo Tamachi KASA
Pullman Tokyo Tamachi 2F, 3-1-21 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023
Time: 15:00-17:00
Price: 1,800 yen (excluding tax)
Number of servings: 10 meals per day (Advance reservations required: Reservations can be made by phone or email below.)
Contact: 03-6400-5855

About Pullman Tokyo Tamachi

Pullman Tokyo Tamachi Re-Food special plate menu development and provision

Accor’s premium brand hotel “Pullman Tokyo Tamachi” of France participated in this event as part of the environmental conservation and maintenance project “Planet 21” advocated by Accor. We have devised a menu that is pleasing to the eyes and tongue so that you can enjoy the waste ingredients provided by companies more deliciously and enjoyably. Please experience it yourself.
Pullman Tokyo Tamachi URL:

Pullman Tokyo Tamachi Head Chef Ryosuke Ishii

Experienced hotel chef at luxury hotels such as ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo (former: Akasaka All Nippon Airways Hotel), Park Hyatt Tokyo, Intercontinental Tokyo Bay, Mercure Hotel Yokosuka. Currently, he is head chef at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi.

About Re-Food.

Re-Food., an organization that works to reduce food loss, conducts activities to reduce food loss through various events in order to eliminate food loss in Japan. So far, we have carried out various activities such as free distribution of tiramisu, which is scheduled to be discarded, and selling ice cream that may be discarded due to packaging change as a tea smoothie.
In order to reduce the amount of food loss in the world as much as possible, we will hold real events on a regular basis so that consumers can experience it directly and create opportunities for them to recognize the value of food.
Re Food. Site URL:

Representative of Re-Food.
Ohkita Jun
We started this organization with the hope that we could create an opportunity to make people aware of the situation in which environmentally friendly efforts that are taken for granted overseas are still not being done in Japan. rice field. So far, we have carried out various activities mainly in Tokyo, such as the free distribution of tiramisu, which is scheduled to be discarded, and the sale of ice cream, which may be discarded due to package changes, as a tea smoothie.
Food loss is a problem that occurs everywhere, and it is one of the issues that all companies want to solve in common. There is a strong perception of food loss as “cheap products, bad products”, but in reality, most of the food is just as delicious as the products we normally sell.
Therefore, by collecting food loss ingredients from various manufacturers, factories, and farmers, and borrowing the help of professional chefs, we would like you to breathe new life into the ingredients, so we are launching “Re -Food. Plate” will be offered at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi. We hope that we can reduce food loss as much as possible by having people eat delicious products that they normally throw away.
We at Re-Food. will continue to expand our cooperation with farmers, livestock farmers, manufacturers, and factories that supply food ingredients, and hope to reduce the food loss problem in Japan as much as possible. increase. Therefore, we would like to work on activities such as holding real events on a regular basis so that consumers can experience it directly, and developing a system that allows customers to purchase products online.

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