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The Japan Tourism Agency received proposals from five groups and examined the operators of the secretariat that had been solicited for the “Go To Travel Project”. Announced that it was decided to be a joint proposal for the tourism industry.

[Tourism industry joint proposal]
◎ (1 company) Japan Association of Travel Agents ・ (1 company) All Nippon Travel Agents Association ・ (Public corporation) Japan Tourism Promotion Association
・ JTB Corporation ・ KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd. ・ Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. ・ Tobu Toptours Co., Ltd.

・ National Ryokan Hotel Living Hygiene Association ・ (1 company) Japan Hotel Association ・ (1 company) Japan Hotel Association
・ (One company) Japan City Hotel Association ・ Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. ・ Rakuten Co., Ltd. ・ Yahoo Japan Co., Ltd.

The Tourism Agency has achieved the purpose of the project to create a virtuous cycle of the economy in the region by regaining the flow of tourists lost due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection to the region and encouraging consumption of the entire tourist destination. While listening carefully to the opinions of users and various businesses in each region, we expect that the secretariat will carry out reliable and flexible operations while always being aware of cost effectiveness.

While seeking the utmost efforts for early implementation and taking measures to rationalize costs, while taking into account the future situation of new coronavirus infections, opinions of infectious disease experts, government-wide policies, etc. It is important to take all possible measures to prevent the spread of infection.

Furthermore, even in the event of an unforeseen situation such as a natural disaster, the secretariat of the project will actively promote tourism in the affected areas, while working closely with the national government and related local governments. He hopes to contribute.

This project supports half the amount of accommodation and day trips for domestic travel. Of the amount of support, (1) 70% is given as a discount on the travel price, and (2) 30% is given as a regional coupon that can be used at the travel destination. The upper limit is 20,000 yen per person per night (10,000 yen is the upper limit for day trips), and there are no restrictions on consecutive nights or the number of times of use.

The Japan Tourism Agency wants to start the project after the 22nd of this month, before the four consecutive holidays. For those who have already booked a trip after the 22nd, the discount will be refunded if the application is submitted to the secretariat after the trip.

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