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“Asian Food Network” has been opened as a new channel on “Dplay”, a video distribution service that allows you to watch a wide variety of programs from Discovery, which has one of the world’s largest networks. Introducing a must-see channel for cooking lovers, specializing in Asian food, along with new programs.

Asian Food Network

New show “Cooking for Love” (Season 1, 30 minutes x 6 episodes)

“Asian Food Network” is a channel for Asian food fans, which is operated by Discovery Channel based in Singapore in 12 regions of Asia Pacific. It is familiar to many people who love Asian food.

The channel’s program is full of cooking ideas that you want to imitate during vacations and at home. In addition to the new programs added in August 2020, we have also released short videos that you can easily check, such as “Super fast and easy cooking” and “Rank-up cooking tricks”. All programs can be viewed for free with the Free plan (member registration required).

Dplay’s “Food & Travel” category has a rich lineup of programs that introduce various exquisite gourmet foods not only from Asia but also from around the world. Furthermore, the official YouTube channel “Dplay Food” has been opened, so you can feel free to come into contact with foreign food cultures.

■ Dplay’s “Asian Food Network” channel
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New programs added in August 2020

“I definitely want to eat it! Asian Cuisine Travelogue” (30 minutes x 6 episodes)

“I definitely want to eat it! Asian Cuisine Journey (Season 1) follows culinary competition winner Sarah Benjamin and innovative chef Malcolm Goh as they travel to Asia’s hottest cities and sample local delicacies. The duo will creatively recreate signature dishes from around the world, such as Singapore’s famous chicken rice and Bangkok’s pad thai.

“Asian Seafood Exploration” (30 minutes x 6 episodes)

In Asian Seafood Exploration, chef Ili Sulaiman travels around Asia and savors delicious seafood dishes. During her travels, Ili follows her coastal city lifestyle, crosses her language barrier and uses her own palate to cook on the beautiful beachside. Ili’s creations are inspired by local seafood and cooking methods. Her audience will marvel at her imagination and swallow her saliva with the tempting local ingredients.

“Honwaka Family Kitchen” (30 minutes x 6 episodes)

A heartwarming story, “Honwaka Family Kitchen” (Season 1). Shahson Liang and her mother Anne get cozy in their home kitchen, creating home-cooked meals with special memories that remind them of their favorite family moments together.
Anne introduces traditional recipes and Charson introduces recipes that incorporate unique and contemporary flavors. Through the joy of eating simple, warm and delicious food, the two deepen their special bond between parent and child.

More episodes will be added to the “Asian Food Network” channel in the future. Why don’t you try making Asian food while watching the program?

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