Step–In the fiscal year ending September 2008, sales will be 10.927 billion yen, and we will promote hybrid-type guidance that also utilizes online | Reuters

* 09: 47 JST Step–Sales of 10.927 billion yen in the fiscal year ending September 20-20, promoting hybrid-type guidance that also utilizes online
9795Announced its financial results for the fiscal year ending September 2020 on October 30. Sales decreased 5.7% to ¥ 10.927 billion, operating income decreased 28.2% to ¥ 1.929 billion, ordinary income decreased 28.1% to ¥ 1.96 billion, and net income decreased 30.9% to ¥ 1.343 billion. became.

During the period from March to May 2020, due to the strong influence of the new coronavirus infection, all school buildings in the elementary and junior high school and high school departments will be canceled from March 2 to 14, and video distribution will be strengthened. At the same time, a total of 280 million yen, which is 90% of the tuition fee during that period, was refunded to each household. Subsequent spring classes were held almost as planned, but with the announcement of the state of emergency on April 7, both elementary and junior high school students and high school students changed from face-to-face live classes to online classes. did. The applicable April / May tuition fees have been changed to special tuition fees (about 60-80% reduction depending on the grade), which are significantly lower than usual for both elementary and junior high school students and high school students. In the online lessons held in April and May, more than 40,000 videos were delivered in two months, and a two-way online homeroom was held. There have been more than ever gratitude. After the state of emergency is lifted, we are promoting a hybrid-type instruction that “mainly focuses on live lessons and also utilizes online support.” In addition, face-to-face lessons have resumed from June 1 while taking measures against infection, and tuition fees have returned to normal from June. In the summer class from the end of July, by concentrating the class from the evening to the night time, it is possible to secure almost the same number of classes as usual and set the total class fee to the same amount as the previous year. did it. During the Obon period, intensive courses for third-year junior high school students, which were held to eliminate learning delays and anxieties, were well received, and sales were more positive than usual. Although the enrollment process for student recruitment has started again in June, it has not yet fully recovered at present. In addition, the recruitment of outside students in the summer class has decreased compared to the usual year, but unlike the usual year, the flow of enrollment has continued uninterrupted from September after the summer class to the present.

The schoolchildren department opened two schools in March 2020, and STEP Kids networking started.

There will be a total of four new schools opened during the current fiscal year, two in the elementary and junior high school division and two in the schoolchildren division.

As for the full-year earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending September 2021, net sales increased 11.7% to ¥ 12.211 billion, operating income increased 40.2% to ¥ 2.706 billion, and ordinary income increased 39.2% to ¥ 2.741 billion. Net income is expected to increase by 37.6% to 1.884 billion yen.


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