Entry into restaurant business support with “3rd Avenue Food Market” | Press release of HITO-Communications Holdings Co., Ltd.

1. HITOCOM’s point of entry into restaurant business support
(1) Revenue sharing rent that reduces the initial cost of the opening company (Hitocom rents the facility and prepares sales staff, and the opening company concentrates on menu development and cooking)
(2) Introduce digital support services that utilize various cutting-edge technologies
③In the corona crisis, we will create areas for human resource utilization by conducting our own planning and operation, and accumulate know-how and skills as an educational base for further business expansion in the future.

2. Overview of entry and future prospects
We will enter the restaurant business support at the food hall “3rd Avenue Food Market” that opened today in the Musashi Kosugi complex “Kosugi 3rd Avenue”.
The feature of this business model is that HITOCOM leases the facility and prepares sales staff, and while reducing the initial cost of opening the store, the revenue share according to the sales of each store (commission based on sales) to get the rent.
HITOCOM’s specialty, “result-oriented sales support”, is also practiced in the food and beverage business, and we aim to grow together as a partner of the companies that open stores.
In addition, the food and beverage industry is also required to change in the corona misfortune. HITOCOM incorporates cutting-edge technology to solve “real-world problems” that arise precisely because we operate on-site. We will accumulate know-how to provide new digital support.
This food and beverage business support is the first business area for HITOCOM. By creating a place to utilize human resources ourselves, we will accumulate know-how and skills for food and drink business support in-house, and aim to further expand our business areas in the future.

3. Overview of 3rd Avenue Food Market
Facility name: 3rd Avenue Food Market
Address: 3-600 Kosugicho, Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

*We are taking all possible measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, so please feel free to visit us.

The opening ceremony was held today. As a food market where you can enjoy a variety of menus for various occasions, we hope to blend in with the community and make everyday life a little bit more wonderful.

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