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Food Trust Network

(Continued from last time) Hyperledger is often seen as a platform, but IBM decided that just making a tool was not enough. IBM believes that it is possible to gain trust in the technology by expressing and demonstrating what can be done on the blockchain. That’s why IBM focuses on blockchain projects that can be used in many industries.

Perhaps the most notable IBM project is the IBM Food Trust Network. “The IBM Food Trust Network is designed to increase the transparency of the food supply chain, working with all stakeholders from farms to consumers, including processors, retailers and carriers. I made it. “

Until now, operators in different sectors such as those mentioned above have used their own IT systems, and integrating them into one system has been a big detriment, Rennie said. Even if they can be integrated, it is difficult to completely share information and it is difficult to build a relationship of trust.

This allowed major retailers such as Walmart and Carrefour to join in and monitor the items that arrived on the shelves. In fact, the flow from product production to the sales floor was very complicated, and it was thought that it was difficult to fully grasp it. Until foods such as lettuce, for example, were lined up in stores, the store usually had little idea of ​​where they came from.

The problem with this is that when there is a risk of lettuce such as Escherichia coli, it is not possible to determine which shipping destination may be contaminated, so it is inevitable to dispose of a huge amount of lettuce. The point is that it was.

IBM’s role was to clearly explain what confidential information its partners would share and what benefits they would benefit from when they joined the Food Trust Network.

“We needed to really show how decentralized trust could be built from a business perspective, and we needed to show examples in the supply chain movement accordingly.”

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