Travel DX “VR Overseas Travel Experience” Monitor Recruitment Period Extends Free Monitor Campaign Continues After March 1st by Expanding Tour Spots | Rosetta Press Release

For recruitment after March, the “Facebook Official Event Page” will be the new application window, and those who have VR goggles “Oculus Quest 2” can apply by simply pressing the “Scheduled Participation” button from the Facebook Official Event Page. increase. If you do not have “Oculus Quest 2”, we will lend it for free (you can apply from the “Facebook Official Event Page” after free rental of “Oculus Quest 2”). The free rental period of Oculus Quest 2 is about one week, so you can freely choose multiple tours within the period. Just stay at home and enjoy a world trip even if you lie on the sofa.

Free monitor recruitment will start on the dedicated Facebook official event page (see the attached sheet for recruitment requirements). Please see our homepage and Facebook official page for the introduction of spots.
Our homepage:
Facebook official page:
Facebook Official Event Page:

Travel DX “VR Overseas Travel Experience” is a completely new service that allows overseas hosts (overseas residents) to guide tourist destinations in real time using a 360-degree camera. Travelers can become one with the host in VR goggles and actually freely “travel experience” overseas in the “virtual space”, creating a new experience that is completely different from viewing on a flat image on a PC or smartphone. It will be possible. You can also easily attend events around the world and travel abroad with people who have given up on going with them (people with disabilities, elderly families, etc.). However, it will be a big attraction of this service.

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Spots that can be participated in March (Spots may increase or decrease even within the month)

・ (NEW) “Delft, the Netherlands” is an ancient city where the painter Johannes Vermeer was born and raised and is also known as the town where he painted.
・ (NEW) Medieval European-style, cultural and historical city “Madrid, Spain”
・ (NEW) The world of manga, “Spirited Away” and “Jiufen, Taiwan” in reality
・ “Korea Eunpyeong Hanok Village & Jingwansa Temple” where you can fully experience history and culture
・ “Korean Itaewon”, the shooting location of the much talked about Korean drama “Itaewon Class”
・ “Korean fairy tale village” where you can go around the mural paintings
・ “Taiwan National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall” where you can enjoy historical and cultural charm
・ Swiss Gruyères, a cheese town surrounded by beautiful nature and where the traditional life of pastoral farmers continues
・ “Lausanne, Switzerland”, an ancient city with a scent of history and culture
・ “Dutch Efteling”, one of Europe’s three major theme parks, with an adventurous and mysterious atmosphere
・ Europe’s leading industrial city and the world’s number one invention city, “Eindhoven, the Netherlands”
・ Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which has prospered as a port city since ancient times and is home to people of over 170 nationalities.
・ “Australia Lone Pine Sanctuary” where you can experience the beautiful sea and cute koalas
・ A mysterious flower garden in the air “Singapore Garden by the Bay”
・ “Vietnam Suoi Tien Park”, a theme park with a Buddhist theme
・ “Santa Claus Village, Finland”, the hometown of Santa Claus

Overseas Travel Experience Travel DX Free Monitor Application Guidelines

Recruitment period
・ March 1, 2021 (Monday) -End date undecided *
* Free monitor recruitment is until the start of the paid service (when it ends, it will be announced on our website etc. from 2 weeks before the scheduled end date)

Application conditions:
・ Those who are interested in VR overseas travel experience
・ Those who can secure stable downlink speed of 60 Mbps or more
・ Those who can respond to questionnaires conducted by our company, media interviews and interviews
・ Those who are not in the same trade
・ 13 years old and over

VR overseas travel experience “Travel DX” free monitor recruitment summary
・ The countries and regions where you can experience are the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philland, and Spain (travel experience time is about 30 to 40 minutes per trip).
・ On the day of the event, a host residing in the area will guide you to sightseeing spots and local events by live streaming.
・ Customers who press the “Scheduled Participation” button will be contacted by customer service via Facebook Messenger regarding the details of the tour experience.
・ If you follow our official Facebook page, we will rent it for free to those who do not have Oculus Quest 2, so please apply.

Application method
・ Please access our Facebook official event page and apply.
・ Facebook official event page:

Precautions for free rental of Oculus Quest 2
① Please be sure to apply for free rental of Oculus Quest 2 before applying for the desired tour.
② Oculus Quest 2 will be delivered by mail. If you wish to rent, please be sure to enter your zip code, address, and phone number. Please also send the return method by mail.
③ The rental period is one week, and you can experience multiple tours within the period.
④ When returning, we will check the rental equipment. The return procedure will be completed when Messenger informs us that it has been confirmed. Please note that additional costs may be incurred if the main unit is broken, equipment is lost, or the rental period is exceeded.

・ Please note that if you want to apply for multiple participants at the same time, you need to apply individually.
・ Please note that the trip may be canceled or postponed due to unavoidable circumstances of our company and the host.
・ Because it is very popular, those who wish to rent Oculus Quest 2 may take some time, so please be forewarned.
・ We will send you a message from our Facebook account ( within 3 days of your application.
・ If you receive a friend request from the Travel DX administrator ( account, please consent. If you do not consent, you may not be able to see the message from us.
・ There is a possibility that the message from our company will reach the spam box instead of the normal chat box, so please make sure that you do not overlook it.

* How to check spam BOX messages (see the image below)
STEP ① Start the Facebook Messenger app and tap the icon on the upper left
STEP② Tap the message request
STEP ③ Tap Spam
STEP ④ Reply

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