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Theme (1) Food and health personalization
-Friction-less data collection is the key-

SasakiRecently, the two areas of food and health have begun to link, and the keyword “personalization” has emerged in both areas. It is an attempt to analyze the attributes and tastes of consumers and provide optimal foods that are good for health. Since the health field can analyze individual differences more closely, I think that personalization on the health side will lead the diet for the next few years. What do you think, Professor Iriyama?

Figure 1: Food and Health Personalization

Figure 1: Food and Health Personalization

Professor IriyamaI think so. From now on, well-being (= happiness + health) will be the keyword. There are two points there. The first is how to get personal data. There are privacy issues as well as the hassle of collecting data. The other is the issue of recommendation, even if you recommend a personalized diet, does it really eat it? For example, the cosmetics industry is becoming more personalized, but even if AI analyzes it, people will eventually recommend it to customers. How much to digitize may be important.

SasakiIt’s all programmed, and it’s certainly a cramped story to be told to eat this today and that tomorrow. If it is not delicious, you will not be appetizing in the first place, so there are many issues regarding how to prepare food for your health. Also, with regard to the first item, “How to collect personal data,” many people may find it a hurdle to even get on the scale every day.

Professor IriyamaI recently bought an Apple Watch, but it doesn’t last long if I have a sloppy personality like myself. I think the big question is how to get the data about the body.

SasakiData collection requires technological evolution. Today’s devices are called “wearables”, but the next one is a type that embeds a small sensor called “implantable” in the body. You can send data to your smartphone and collect it in a way that does not interfere with your life. Another keyword is “frictionless”

and NTT DATA has begun a demonstration experiment in which, for example, data can be obtained simply by standing in front of a mirror.

Mechanisms and technologies that allow consumers to easily provide data without burden.

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