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The Australian Tourism Board has set up a special page to introduce “Conscious Labels” on the official Japanese website.

Conscious label, which takes into consideration the global environment and the region and acts with all sustainability in mind, such as indigenous culture and wildlife conservation activities, is a new travel style that is currently attracting attention. Now that SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) have been advocated, there is a need for actions that contribute to the natural environment, local communities, and the local economy even when traveling.

Open the special page of “New Travel Tips Conscious Label” and you will see the beautiful Australian sea. The Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef group in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of Australia’s leading tourist attractions. However, in recent years, the death of corals affected by global warming has become more serious.

Australian Tourism Board Japanese Site

Australian Tourism Board Japanese Site

“New Travel Tips” will show you how to choose eco-friendly accommodation and how to spend your time on the beach to protect the precious corals of the Great Barrier Reef. It also touches on fascinating sights such as the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA), a unique underwater museum on the Great Barrier Reef that exhibits “art to save coral reefs.”

Save coral reefs with art. Underwater Museum “MOUA” on the Great Barrier Reef

We have picked up sustainable accommodations that can contribute to the protection of the natural environment and the local community even in areas other than the Great Barrier Reef. You should be able to spend the world’s best sustainable vacation by choosing the accommodation that suits your purpose, such as camping, hotels, eco-resorts, lodges, etc. that work to reduce energy consumption and minimize waste.

Even though it’s a sustainable trip, I don’t know what to do specifically. If you’re like that, check out “7 Travel Ideas.” Accommodations in facilities that minimize the burden on the environment, wildlife experiences such as snorkeling and safari, and recommended ways of spending in consideration of the natural environment are introduced. You can also actually visit the areas affected by the wildfires that broke out in Australia from 2019 to 2020 and contribute to reconstruction assistance and support for the affected areas.

It is expected that a new style of travel will begin when the Korona-ka is over and it is possible to travel abroad again. “Conscious label” that thinks about the global environment is also one of the new travel styles. From the Australian Tourism Board’s special page, “New Travel Tips,” why not envision an ideal travel style while enjoying the feeling of traveling through the magnificent nature.

[Reference site]Australian Tourism Board

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