PERMA (un) FASHION ── A method of non-fashion and durable attire: METHOD # 22

Obtained by innovation of consciousness
Sustainable living and attire

The fashion industry, which peaked with the rise of fast fashion, emits about 10% of the total carbon dioxide emitted by humankind, robs people of drinking water, and yet more than 80% of all products are garbage “monsters”. It became. However, after that, the trend turned to “sustainability” due to the impact of “angry speech” by the girl, and it continues to this day.

We must change our approach to clothing in order to perpetuate this essential and ecological trend, which is different from the superficial and esthetic fashion trends. In other words, you are yourself and you must correctly evaluate the value of what you have. Buy only what you really need and don’t add to the trash. Then, choose a method (product or service) that has the least environmental impact.

Now that we have experienced a global pandemic, environmental destruction due to population explosion, and food shortages are imminent, we need a method to live in harmony with nature, which is not only gentle, and to live in good health and happiness.

One of them is recycling and upcycling. Unused items that have been treated as garbage, scraps and lint generated in the manufacturing process can be effectively used for remanufacturing. In addition, if organic raw materials and production methods are thoroughly implemented, even cotton, which is said to have a large environmental load, will be sustainable.

And wisdom to correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of natural materials and synthetic materials and use them properly. Merino wool has the same high functionality as synthetic fibers, and petroleum-derived products are not bad as long as they are biodegradable and recyclable.

UNFASHION no longer means “not fashionable = crappy”. It means “not following a transient trend”, essential and permanent. PERMA (un) FASHION is fashion (clothes) and not fashion (fashion). Get only what you really need without making anyone unhappy-a method of such a permanently sustainable outfit.

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Expressing determination to be organic from raw materials to manufacturing process

With the rise of fast fashion, the fashion industry has a serious impact on the environment. It is no longer possible without an ethical perspective. It’s no exception to luxury brands. How to balance sustainability and creation. Here is the challenge of Balenciaga, not just the deceptive greenwash on the top. >> Read the full article

Shirt ¥ 133,100, Pants ¥ 97,900, Earrings (reference color) ¥ 97,900

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Computer programming knit that does not waste materials and energy

The fashion industry, which consumes 10% of all industries with carbon dioxide emissions and consumes a large amount of water resources, is also ridiculed as “the second largest environmental pollution industry in the world”. In this era when sustainability is no longer a given condition, new-generation brands are trying to open up the future of apparel by intervening technology, reviewing all losses from the manufacturing process to logistics. >> Read the full article

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