May 16 TRAVEL WORK AWARD 2021 will be held on Travel Day! | Press release of Aster Co., Ltd.


Work styles are diversifying, and the number of people who work regardless of time or place continues to increase. With the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, meetings and business negotiations using video chat tools rapidly penetrated, and 5G was born at the same time. As the communication speed will continue to be updated, online conferences will be able to be held in VR, and the future in which avatars with their own AI will attend the conference on their behalf is also realistic.

In the mobility market as well, changes are accelerating, autonomous driving is becoming commonplace, and travel time by car is changing from driving time to working time. Disruptors like Elon Musk will appear one after another, and if the travel from Tokyo to New York is greatly shortened to 30 minutes, it will be easier to live in two bases overseas.

The days when only talented people could become freelancers and undertake work are gone, and the hurdles for taking advantage of crowdsourcing and accepting work are much lower than they were before the 2010s. The free population continues to grow, and more gradation is created in the work style of “freelance,” and it is difficult to categorize all at once with this word alone. It will need to be redefined for each way of working.

Astel believes that inputting and embodying cutting-edge “working styles” is one of the missions of business people. TRAVEL WORK AWARD ( Aims for a world where everyone can choose their own “working style” by constantly updating their work style to the latest.

<< Examination method >>
A questionnaire survey was conducted on about 180 domestic and overseas travel workers with individual contracts with Astel, centered on three judges. For designers, writers, and video creators who actually work regardless of time or place, “good things to use,” “services you want to use,” “cafes you want to go to,” “hotels you want to work on,” etc. I had you choose.

This time, we selected one “Best Grand Prize”, “Grand Prize”, “Gold Award”, “Silver Award” and “Bronze Award” from the five genres of “Cafe”, “Hotel”, “Coworking Space”, “Item” and “Service”. increase.

<< About Astel >>
Since its establishment in July 2015, we have been producing and operating advertising content for many companies and government agencies. From the beginning, we have incorporated what we now call remote work and worcation in order to become a “company that embodies the standard working style of the next 100 years.”Currently, not only the production of advertising content but also the company’s own mediaTRAVEL WORK(( ) Is also being managed. In addition, Aster Bangkok Co., Ltd. was registered in Bangkok because the freelance management system that is being tested and operated only in-house became a BOI certified business in Bangkok, and from now on, the freelance management will be centered on Tokyo and Bangkok. The system will also be on sale. In the future, we will focus on IT-related BPO business in Japan and overseas, in addition to the production of advertising content so far.

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