Select shop “Food brand shop ippin kamakura” that continues to be loved in Kamakura “ippin kamakura” “9Herb & Spice Olive Oil” that is particular about ingredients, manufacturing method and packaging is a directly managed store Launched

FOOD BRAND PROJECT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Tomohiro Nakatsuka), which sells processed foods wholesale, is a versatile oil “9Herb & Spice Olive Oil” that is particular about ingredients, manufacturing methods, and packaging, and is soaked with 9 kinds of spices and herbs. (Nine Herbs & Spices Olive Oil) ”was launched in May 2021.

9Herb & Spice Olive Oil

“Rakuten Ichiba Food brand shop ippin kamakura”

■ Product information

Name: 9Herb & Spice Olive Oil

Sales start date: Saturday, May 15, 2021

Sales fee: 1,998 yen (tax included)

Size: length 40 mm x width 40 mm x height 221 mm

Contents: 183g (200ml)

Handling location: Food brand shop ippin kamakura (our directly managed store)


■ Background of the development of “9 Herb & Spice Olive Oil”

FOOD BRAND PROJECT Co., Ltd. has been selling and planning and developing its own groceries, as well as producing products of various other companies. In recent years, due to the influence of Korona-ka, the number of requests for the development of foods that can be used as gifts has increased, and we started development with the idea that we could sell new products in-house.

■ Features of “9 Herb & Spice Olive Oil”

1. 1. Nine kinds of herbs and spices are added to the EX version olives, which are made from olives that have received the blessings of the Mediterranean sun, to create a rich scent.

2. You can enjoy 1 tablespoon as it is, or it is recommended for bread, salad, carpaccio, etc.

If you use it for stir-fried foods or cooked dishes such as peperoncino, it will have a rich flavor.

3. 3. After use, you can use it repeatedly by adding olive oil. (From the second time onward, add oil, stir with a long stick, break the oregano leaves, and then use it to make it even more delicious.)

Store photo


We have been accepting requests for product development from farmers, restaurants, manufacturers, etc., as well as selling specialty foods at the antenna shop in Kamakura. Last year, due to the influence of the Korona-ka, we received many requests for product development and manufacturing, but we plan to continue to prepare a system to respond to requests from small companies as much as possible.

■ Mail order site

Mail order site:

■ About SNS


(We are sending sales information of Kamakura stores. Please check on Twitter.)

■ Media appearance / publication results

Books: ・ Shonan style

・ Yokohama Walker

・ Odakyu Department Store Card Member Bulletin etc.

TV: ・ Before and after being taught (TBS)

・ Sakagami & Sashihara’s Unbreakable Shop (TBS)

・ Ladies Ariyoshi (Fuji TV) etc

■ Company profile

Trade name: FOOD BRAND PROJECT Co., Ltd.

Representative: Tomohiro Nakatsuka, Representative Director

Location: 13-25 Onarimachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0012

Established: February 2014

Business: Retail / wholesale of food and drink, production of food and drink

Capital: 1.5 million yen


[Customer inquiries regarding this product]


Tel: 0467-38-7015

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