Five third-year students belong to Virtual Production VASE! With a total of 15 people, the momentum is accelerating! | Press release of Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Five third-year students belong to Virtual Production VASE, and look forward to their future activities!

VASE 3rd genVASE 3rd gen

<< Lilia_Tsepel >>

Lilia TsepelLilia Tsepel

A vampire who came to the human world in search of a snack (blood).
A vampire of a young child, he is 98 years old in human age.
He loves mischief and is innocent.
It has fangs on its mouth, but it is short because it is a child.
I am good at games and love it.
Age: 98 years old
Birthday: November 1st
Height: 155 cm



<< ReshRa >>


Tarot fortune-telling VTuber who came to this world to save the troubled lambs.
Horoscopes are posted on SNS every day.
I am eager to do various things such as fortune-telling, singing, chatting, and games in the future.
Birthday: January 23
Favorite things: Anime, music, VASE
Special skill: Tarot fortune-telling
Hobbies: Camera



<< Doshichi Giro >>

Do Seven Silver WolfDo Seven Silver Wolf

While wandering around looking for my place, I am connected to this world in the woods.
My favorite food is meat.
The fangs of the wolf are growing rapidly.
A dexterous and versatile boy.
Birthday: 15 nights
Favorite thing: meat



<< Torano Tenka >>

Torano TenkaTorano Tenka

A girl who came to the human world to become the best tiger in the world
My favorite word is Tenka Musou!
First of all, aim for the fastest registration of 10,000 YouTube channels.
I like idols and can talk about idols as much as I want.
Birthday: October 11th
Future dreams: Takayuki Chika
Favorite things: idols, manga, anime, games, spicy things, sour things, sweet things



<< Asahi Hayate >>

Asahi HayateAsahi Hayate

I want to make people smile! I want to protect someone!
I like songs and motorcycles. She has many types of imitations.
My dream is to deliver the song on a big stage.
Height: 175 cm
Age: 19 years old
Birthday: June 9th
Hobbies: Songs, games, motorcycles, playing with cats
Favorite food: udon, omelet rice



[T-shirt]VASE (Egg version for all)

VASE T-shirtVASE T-shirt

* VASE 1st Anniversary Month (during May) is sold at a special price of 3000 yen.
It will be changed to 3300 yen after June, so please take this opportunity!
* This item is limited to “up to 2” per order.
A T-shirt with all the VASE talent eggs lined up for the summer.

VASE official online shop:


  • [VASE-a place that connects the two worlds-]


Started in May 2020.
We want to bring emotions and smiles to many people from the virtual world in the best way we can.
Together with you, I want to create a world of eternal entertainment where dreams never end.
From such a feeling, this place that connects the virtual space and the real world was born.
We will create new era works every day so that we can bridge the feelings of everyone and the virtual talents we belong to.

・ VASE official website: https://www.vase.tokyo/
・ VASE Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/vase_ase
・ VASE official online shop: https://vase.booth.pm/


  • [Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.]

Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Established in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture in April 2018.
A music entertainment agency to which local characters closely related to the community, such as the local character “Bakegoro” in Matsudo City, belong.
Pursuing memorable entertainment.
In 2020, the company’s talent is making a major debut and is developing a wide range of activities.

Company Profile
Company name: Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Hamatomo Building 406, 15-4 Honcho, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture
Sales office: 4-37-3 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo Leela Kuramae 1403
Representative: Setsuko Itakura, CEO

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