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SAP launched its annual conference “SAPPHIRE Now 2021” online on June 2nd. Christian Klein, who became CEO in 2020, set out an approach to climate change countermeasures at SAPPHIRE that year, then announced “RISE with SAP”, and at this event, “We “SAP Business Network” was launched as “the next strategy of”.

SAP CEO Christian Klein

SAP CEO Christian Klein

Integrate 3 products including SAP Ariba to become the world’s largest business network

At the beginning, Klein revealed that the important things that were revealed in the Korona-ka are (1) the need to have the elasticity to use technology to transform the company’s business processes, (2) the business to succeed as a community, and (3). He mentioned three things: increasing awareness of sustainability to take action on climate change. SAP provides solutions for each of the three: (1) intelligent enterprise, (2) business network, and (3) sustainability.

Regarding (2) business network, SAP has operated a business-to-business network at Ariba, which was acquired in 2012. SAP Ariba is the world’s largest purchasing and procurement network with more than 4.1 million companies from more than 190 countries, but this time it is combined with the logistics network “SAP Logistics Business Network” and the equipment asset management “SAP Asset Intelligence Network”. , Announced an integrated solution called “SAP Business Network”. “The world’s largest business network connecting 5.5 million companies” (Klein)

“Many companies rely on the global supply chain and faced problems with the Korona-ka,” Klein points out. In fact, 75% of companies say that the supply chain has been affected by the Korona-ka. Regarding the semiconductor shortage, which has become a global issue these days, “Initially, orders decreased due to the decrease in demand for Korona-ka, and production decreased, but suppliers and manufacturers have sufficient lead in response to the subsequent rapid increase in demand. This is due to the inability to secure time and supply. “

Today’s complex business networks of suppliers, buyers, logistics, manufacturing, etc. are all connected together, but Klein suggests that they need to be interconnected like social networks. “We need real-time transparency throughout the supply chain,” he continued. As a result, it is possible to respond in real time to sudden situations such as the Korona-ka. Al Dahla of the United Arab Emirates, who is actually involved in the agricultural business, faced problems such as delays in shipping due to the Korona-ka, but using Ariba, it was possible to find 140 suppliers in 3 days, and the impact Is said to have been pushed to a minimum.

The SAP Business Network can understand the supply chain ecosystem, logistics, traceability, etc. from a single portal. The demonstration facilitated the process of high-tech consumer companies launching sustainable products, including finding environmentally friendly package suppliers and approving invoices after placing an order. It is possible to track the delivery status in real time and grasp the CO2 emissions of the distribution process.

“SAP Business Network” dashboard

You can also use the filter function to narrow down the suppliers

You can also use the filter function to narrow down the suppliers

By integrating logistics, you can also track the delivery status of suppliers.

By integrating logistics, you can also track the delivery status of suppliers.

At the heart of SAP’s strategy is the intelligent enterprise. “Business is global and it’s not enough to be an intelligent enterprise,” Klein said, positioning SAP Business Network as the company’s “next strategy.”

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