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~This week’s menu is here! ~

~This month’s special menu~

At Kencho Food Marche, every month we offer special menus such as “Gibier cuisine” and “Cuisine from countries and regions with ties to Fukuoka Prefecture (“Vietnamese cuisine” from countries where foreign diplomatic establishments are located)”. doing.

This month’s special menu is…

3 kinds of curry (with lassi and salad)!

In March 2007, Fukuoka Prefecture entered into a friendship agreement with the Delhi Territory of India, and has continued exchanges.


This time, in honor of the 15th anniversary of the friendship tie-up with Delhi Territory, three kinds of curry will be served as a special menu.

We will provide.

Creamy butter chicken curry, spicy and smooth Kashmir beef curry,

You can enjoy authentic Madras curry from Madras, South India, on one plate.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy it together with the classic Indian dish, Lassi!

[Provided menu]

·Butter Chicken Curry

・Kashmir beef curry

・Madras Curry




Inari and rice balls 

120 yen

120 yen

*In addition to the above menu, we also offer curry, ramen, udon, soba, etc.

regular menu

450 yen (Large 550 yen)

500 yen (Large 620 yen)

*Wheat for ramen[ラー麦]using.

450 yen

500 yen

※Udon uses flour from Fukuoka Prefecture.

480 yen

530 yen

*The soba uses green tea soba kneaded with Yame tea.

[Restaurant business hours]11:00 to 14:00 (Last order 13:30)

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