Sales start on July 5th! “True Food Granola”, a high-protein, low-sugar granola that uses only 100% natural ingredients and does not use grains, produced by the functional food development startup “True Food & Design”.

“True Food & Design”, a startup that develops functional foods that balance deliciousness and health, is a new product delivered in the press release the other day, “True Food Granola”, a high-protein, low-sugar granola that does not use grains (grain-free). Sales will start on July 5th on our own EC site (
The selling price will be 2,980 yen (including shipping and consumption tax).

  • Background of True Food Granola development

We released “True Food Chocolate” last year as the first step to realize a “Healthy Addictive” food culture that changes the concept of “delicious food = bad health”. ..
Amid rising health demand due to Korona-ka, we received a great deal of feedback from customers who purchased our products, and we were surprised by the number of people who sympathized with our vision and products. We started to develop new products because we wanted to enrich the lives of those people by creating them.

This time, I aimed for a healthy and highly functional granola.
Many people think that granola is rich in dietary fiber and has a healthy image, but in fact, most of the granola on the market has a large amount of sugar coated on the main raw material millet, which is very important. It is a high-sugar and high-calorie food. In addition, even products that claim to be sugar-free, which has been increasing in recent years, use sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners, so unfortunately there are still few granolas in the world that are healthy and reassuring.


  • Reasons for surprisingly high protein and low sugar (protein is 4.5 times, sugar is only 1/13)

The True Food Granola developed this time does not use sugar, sugar alcohols such as erythritol contained in commercially available low-carbohydrate sweets, or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Instead, by using the superfood Luo Han Guo, which is 300-400 times as sweet as sugar, we were able to achieve an all-natural, low-carbohydrate granola that feels sweet.
In addition, by using almonds, sunflower seeds, soybean puffs and egg whites instead of millet, which is the main ingredient of general granola, granola is high in protein and rich in dietary fiber. We also paid particular attention to the balance between vegetable protein derived from soybeans and almonds and animal protein derived from egg white.
The protein is 4.5 times lower than general granola, and the sugar is surprisingly 1 / 13th lower (in the case of cocoa flavor), making it an unprecedented functional granola.

Although it is grain-free, it has a crunchy texture that is typical of granola, so you can enjoy it as it is, or add it to your daily meals to increase sugar as much as possible. Can supplement protein and dietary fiber without.


  • Three flavors: coconut, berry and cocoa

We have developed three flavors, “coconut”, “berry” and “coconut” so that you will not get tired of it because we want you to eat it every day.
The coconut flavor, which uses plenty of dried coconut pulp and is rich in medium-chain triglycerides, is moderately accented with cinnamon. Perfect for breakfast with Greek yogurt.
Berry flavors are characterized by the acidity of cranberries and the gentle sweetness of raisins. The natural sweetness of dried fruits gives you a feeling of satisfaction that you wouldn’t expect from a low-carb granola. It’s very easy to eat, so it’s perfect for children’s snacks.
The cocoa flavor contains plenty of cocoa nibs with plenty of polyphenols, and the cocoa flavor is preserved but not too sweet. Ideal as a guilt-free snack with coffee for work or study breaks.
We recommend 2 bags (50g) for meals and 1 bag (25g) for snacks.

We hope that you will enjoy “True Food Granola”, which is rich in protein but low in sugar, which is both delicious and healthy. We are currently building a production system for sales, and will start selling on our EC site as soon as the prospect of sales is established.


  • True Food Granola Product Details

It will be sold in 9 bags (225g in total) with 3 bags of 3 flavors set for 2980 yen (tax included).

・ Ingredients: Almond (American), soy puff (soy protein, rice starch), sunflower seeds, coconut chips, roasted soybeans, egg white, cinnamon, salt, Rakan fruit powder

・ Nutrition ingredients (per 25g per bag):
–Energy: 136kcal
–Protein: 9.6g
–Fipid: 9.4g
–Carbohydrate: 4.2g
–Carbohydrate: 2.1g
–Dietary fiber: 2.1g
–Salt equivalent: 0.2g

[Berry]・ Ingredients: Almond (American), soy puff (soy protein, rice starch), roasted soybean, raisin, sunflower seed, cranberry, egg white, salt, Rakan fruit powder

・ Nutrition ingredients (per 25g per bag):
–Energy: 117kcal
–Protein: 8.4g
–Fipid: 6.1g
–Carbohydrate: 8.1g
–Carbohydrate: 6.4g
–Dietary fiber: 1.7g
–Salt equivalent: 0.2g

・ Ingredients: almond (American), soy puff (soy protein, rice starch), sunflower seed, cacao nibs, egg white, cocoa, salt, Rakan fruit powder

・ Nutrition ingredients (per 25g per bag):
–Energy: 133kcal
–Protein: 9.5g
–Fipid: 9.4g
–Carbohydrate: 4.0g
–Carbohydrate: 1.2g
–Dietary fiber: 2.8g
–Salt equivalent: 0.2g


First of all, we will start selling on our EC site (, but we also plan to sell on EC sites and retail other than our company.
If you are interested, please contact us from the contact information for the following releases.

  • About True Food & Design Co., Ltd.

Representative: Toshie Hibino
After joining Mitsui & Co. as a new graduate and taking charge of overseas resource business development, he was stationed in Vietnam for two years and engaged in startup investment. After that, he studied design at the Central Saint Martins Collage of Art and Design (in London) and earned his master’s degree. Utilizing his business experience and knowledge of design, he is in charge of digital transformation and new business creation of large companies using a design thinking approach as a “strategic designer” at a foreign-affiliated consulting firm.
In the practice of fitness and nutrition as a hobby, I felt a problem that the natural and functional food I really wanted was not on the market, so I established True Food & Design in August 2019.
In order to overturn the conventional wisdom that “delicious food is bad for the body and healthy food is not delicious”, we have realized the development of healthy chocolate that can be eaten deliciously as the first step. In the future, we aim to develop all-natural and functional foods in food areas other than snacks.

[Contact for inquiries regarding products and releases]True Food & Design Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Mukuno

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