With Travel DX’s VR Trip, feel free to travel the world even under a state of emergency! ?? The number of travelable areas has increased to 90 in about 20 countries!We are still looking for free monitors

“VR Trip” is an overseas travel experience service planned and developed by our company, and you can actually freely “travel experience” overseas based on the images taken by a local guide using a 360-degree camera. It also has an automatic translation function, which enables conversation between the guide and the mother tongue. The free monitor, which has been in operation since December last year, has been well received by the participants, such as “I enjoyed the tropical country in a very relaxed atmosphere with the sound of the waves on the beach being transmitted realistically” and “While watching the video at 360 degrees.” , I think it’s novel to be able to ask and answer questions with the guide in real time. “

We are still looking for free monitors for VR Trip, which has more and more travel spots and guides, so please make a reservation from our homepage ( Join us right away on your computer or with his Oculus Quest 2.

Travelable spots have increased to 90 locations in approximately 20 countries
When the free monitor started in December last year, it started in 5 countries such as South Korea and Taiwan, but we are focusing on recruiting activities of local guides, and the number of travelable spots has increased to about 20 countries. A tourist guide who is familiar with the area will invite you to a healing space away from the hustle and bustle. New tourist destinations such as Dubai and Peru that travel lovers want to visit at least once have been added. Thinking about how many years and how much it will cost to travel to about 20 countries, VR Trip is a great deal that saves time and money.

■ Examples of travel destinations (partial)
World’s Largest Aquarium “Dubai Aquarium” (Australia Emirate) “Lima Inca Pyramid Tour” approaching ancient civilizations in South America (Peru) “Floral Fantasy & Flower Dome” (Singapore) Bali Experience the traditional ritual Mucotech “Traditional Bali Festival” (Indonesia) Hike with a spectacular panorama “World Heritage Mount Cook” (New Zealand) View the coral reefs of the sea from a Cessna plane “World Heritage Great Barrier Reef” (Australia)

What is the difference from TV, radio and YouTube?
Instead of staring at a narrow screen on a TV or PC, you can experience yourself walking in a three-dimensional space. The experience of “taking a deep breath while looking up at the blue sky”, “looking back because I was wondering what happened on the way I came”, and “talking to the avatar of the traveling member next door” is fresh. Unlike TV, which is one-sidedly the recipient of information, you can take the initiative as a traveler in the field. If you like the scenery, you can point the camera at it and take a commemorative photo. Propose to familiar people how to play in this era, such as meeting and traveling in her VR space with a friend who could not meet recently, or having a date with her VR with a lover who can not meet easily at a long distance. It may be good to try it.

VRTrip If you wish, you can make a reservation on the homepage at any time (time required: 1-2 minutes)
What you need: Whether it’s Oculus Quest2 or a PC, a WiFi environment VR of 20Mbps or more, or a PC, reservations can be made from the homepage ( You can search by date or location, so please have a look.

For more information, please visit!

What is VRTrip?
VRTrip is a completely new service that guides tourist destinations based on images taken by local guides using a 360-degree camera. The traveler (guest) becomes one with the guide in her VR goggles, and can actually freely “travel experience” overseas in the “virtual space”. It is also a big attraction to be able to easily participate in events held all over the world and travel abroad with people who have given up on going with them (people with disabilities, elderly families, etc.). ..

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