Chatwork Business Day vol.2 Our representative Morimoto will be on stage at a special session

Better Place Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinji Morimoto) is participating in the “Special Session” program of the online event “Chatwork Business Day Vol.2” sponsored by Chatwork Co., Ltd. We would like to inform you that we will be on the stage.

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The event is an online event that supports the business growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the “special session” program, in addition to our representative, Morimoto, former Rush Japan Human Resources Manager, current representative of We Are The People, Masahiko Yasuda, Chatwork Co., Ltd. A talk session will be held by three people, CEO Masaki Yamamoto.

Participation fee is free. Please feel free to apply using the Chatwork application form.

Application form:


・ Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

・ Time: 12: 00 ~ (Special session is 16: 30 ~ 17: 30)

・Participation fee: Free

・Venue: Online

・ Organizer: Chatwork Co., Ltd.

[What is Chatwork Business Day]

Chatwork Business Day is an online event that supports the business growth of SMEs.

We will invite experts from various fields to provide information on strategies and initiatives to increase added value = “earning power” for SMEs, whose labor shortage will become even more serious in the future.

Special site:

[Special session program (16: 30-17: 30)]


What small business owners should do to create a “earning organization”


A company that works at the forefront, from abstract talks such as management ideas to concrete efforts, what kind of thoughts and initiatives should be taken by managers with the axis of “people” in order to increase the top line of sales. Management and HR professionals talk.


Shinji Morimoto: President and Representative Director of the Company

Masahiko Yasuda: Former General Manager of Human Resources Department, Rush Japan, now Representative of We Are The People Co., Ltd.

Masaki Yamamoto: CEO of Chatwork Co., Ltd.

・Sponsor / Application

Organizer: Chatwork Co., Ltd.

For application, please contact us directly from the form below dedicated to Chatwork Co., Ltd.

[Overview of Better Place Co., Ltd.]

We create various services mainly for the welfare industry based on our corporate philosophy of “creating a society where the child-rearing generation and children can have hope through business.”

Location: 9-9 Yotsuyazakacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Sanhiro Building 9F

Representatives: Shinji Morimoto, President and CEO, Shigeki Furuichi, COO

Established: October 17, 2011


・ “Welfare Hagukumi Corporate Pension Fund (hereinafter,” Hagukumi Fund “)” Retirement allowance system introduction design and support

・ Corporate defined contribution pension introduction design and support

・ IT system development and sales for the welfare industry: Automatic roster creation app “Work / Life”, long-term care record app “Notice” (currently under development)

The Hagukumi Fund is a new pension system (defined benefit corporate pension) launched in 2018 to support the asset formation and welfare of people who support people’s lives and social lives, such as medical care, childcare and long-term care.

In just three years since its establishment in April 2018, the number of affiliated establishments has increased by 489 and the number of subscribers has increased by about 12.5 times (about 22,000), which has been a huge response (as of the end of June 2021).

73% of the participating companies are medical and welfare related, but corporations in other industries can also join.

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