NSF Engagement Co., Ltd. and Flight Center Travel Group Ltd. Conclude Agreement for Establishment of Joint Venture to Provide Business Travel Business

Overview of the joint venture company (planned)

company name FCM Travel Standard for Japan Co., Ltd.
Main business business travel business
representative Kenichi Shiraishi
Head office location 6-7-29 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Joint venture business start date Early January 2022
capital 100 million yen
Shareholder composition FCTG 66%, NSF Engagement 34%
employee about 50 people
Business content Travel service business
(air ticket, hotel, visa arrangement / business trip, expatriate support)

■ Background and purpose of establishment
The world is entering an era of wiz corona, and the pursuit of risk management has become essential for users who conduct business globally.
Until now, NSF Engagement’s travel business has provided the Sony Group’s business travel services. By using an IT platform, each company can monitor the whereabouts of business travelers and realize advanced risk management on a global scale, such as notifying business travelers of real-time alerts when risks occur.

Image of establishing a joint ventureImage of establishing a joint venture

In addition, we will revamp the service that has been mainly exchanged by paper and PC mail so far, and realize highly convenient service using company smartphones that are always carried. This agreement is a growth opportunity for NSF Engagement to realize advanced travel services of global standards. It is also an opportunity to expand business in the Japanese business travel market, which is said to be the fourth largest in the world.

■ Comment from joint venture representative Kenichi Shiraishi
FCTG’s FCM has been providing business travel management services to global corporate customers in Japan for over 10 years. We would like to connect to the offer.

By integrating with FCM’s industry-proven global systems, we will be able to provide our customers with an end-to-end experience before, during and after their trip. We are very pleased that “FCM Travel Standards for Japan” will play a larger role in supporting global corporate customers in Japan, Asia and the world.
Due to the growing interest of FCM customers, we need to strengthen our products and services for Japan. Going forward, we will accelerate our growth with the support of our suppliers by leveraging FCM’s global network and expertise to build and strengthen relationships in Japan. By doing so, we would like to increase our presence in Japan and work with everyone in the industry to evolve and change the business trip scene in Japan for the better.

News release by FCTG:
FCM, which operates business all over the world, enters Japan

●About FCM
Another revolutionary option
FCM is one of the world’s largest travel management companies, providing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week in approximately 100 countries around the world. We are proud of our global network both in name and reality. FCM is the flagship business unit of Flight Center Travel Group (FCTG), an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed company. We provide access to one of the world’s largest air, hotel and ground transportation networks, offering unique and most affordable travel services. FCM’s easy-to-use technology and team of experts to efficiently coordinate employee travel and maximize return on investment have helped thousands of domestic and international customers, including many well-known brands and blue-chip Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 companies. We have earned the trust of many companies.
FCM’s agile and flexible travel technology platform anticipates and meets your company’s needs. Our adaptable, globally connected team is expert in negotiating what works best for you, offering in-depth knowledge of your destination, first aid assistance, and personalized, quality service. of business travel. FCM is ideal for companies that require overseas business trips on a regular basis, companies that require last-minute arrangements for business trips each time, or companies that centrally manage business travel across multiple markets. Your travel partner. Check out for a new way of business travel.

About Flight Center Travel Group Ltd.
Flight Center Travel Group is one of the world’s leading travel agencies and providers of business travel services. Headquartered in Brisbane (Australia), we operate directly operated leisure and business travel businesses in 23 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Asia. The company also operates the FCM Corporate Travel Management Network, which includes direct and licensed operations in over 90 countries.

●About NSF Engagement
NSF Engagement Inc. is a joint venture between NTT Facilities Inc. and Sony Corporate Services Inc. (currently Sony People Solutions Inc.) for facility management and workplace solutions businesses. With the mission of “redefining Japanese general affairs”, and with the vision of “engaging people from the place”, we strive to make it “easy to work” and “want to work”, from the office to the development and manufacturing sites. We provide one-stop services for planning, management, and operation of various “places”.

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