Qoo10 Fashion Trend Report # 16 It’s about time to update to autumn fashion!Knit that styles up the outfit from sleeve conscious to vest

EBay Japan GK (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Gu Jahyun), which operates the comprehensive Internet shopping mall “Qoo10”, collects various information for fashion-conscious users.

This time, I’m investigating the knitwear that I want to wear well in this autumn outfit. The knit that the styling is decided even if you wear it with one piece will upgrade the fashion coordination of this period. So we are announcing the top 10 rankings of Qoo10’s latest knitwear.

[O2garden]Tuck sleeve knit pullover

■ Qoo10 Fashion Trend & Ranking[Knit]

<1st place>

Shop / Item:[J, STORE]Knit


<2nd place>

Shop / Item:[NO.ONE]Knit


<3rd place>

Shop / Item:[o2garden]Tuck Sleeve Knit Pullover


<4th place>

Shop / Item:[kimishop]2021 Fall / Winter Academy Style Wool Knit Vest


<5th place>

Shop / Item:[A-Cat]Knit


<6th place>

Shop / Item:[LittleRedDress]Half Turtleneck Base Knit


<7th place>

Shop / Item:[YH-FASHION]Half High Color Sweater


<8th place>

Shop / Item:[LittleRedDress]V-neck knit that is soft to the touch


<9th place>

Shop / Item:[J, STORE]Knit


<10th place>

Shop / Item:[Luck Girls]Knit


(Survey period: August 25-September 7, 2021)

The temperature has dropped little by little, and it’s time to update to the autumn outfit in earnest. In such a case, one piece that comes in handy is a knit item whose outfit is decided. In Qoo10, the ones that can be worn comfortably with five to seven-quarter sleeves and the so-called “sleeve conscious” design of volume sleeves, which is the trend of this year, are becoming popular. In addition, knit vests that allow you to enjoy layered styles are also ranked in. Now, let me introduce three ranked items and two notable items.

[Rank-in item]

■ The fluffy volume sleeve is cute for adults!

3rd place:[o2garden]Tuck sleeve knit pullover


[O2garden]Tuck sleeve knit pullover

A volume sleeve pullover knit that is comfortable to the touch. Whether it’s a skirt, wide pants, or skinny, this is an item that will appeal to adult cute fashion. The point is the abundant color development of 8 colors.

■ Wool knit vest that can be enjoyed layered!

4th place:[kimishop]2021 Fall / Winter Academy style wool knit vest


[Kimishop]2021 Fall / Winter Academy Style Wool Knit Vest

A wool knit vest with a button-opening design on the side that gives you a stylish look. Since there is a high degree of freedom in dressing, you can enjoy a nice outfit whether you match it with a T-shirt or a blouse. The loose design makes it easy to match, so it is useful to have one.

■ Feminine elegance makes it ideal for office casual wear!

7th place:[YH-FASHION]Half high color sweater


[YH-FASHION]Half high color sweater

A half-high color knit that has a simple and neat design and can be used as an office casual item. With a tight silhouette that shows the body line, for a feminine and elegant outfit. Available in 9 colors, some colors have long sleeves, so you’ll want different colors and types.

[Attention item]

■ Retro cute CHERRY KOKO’s popular knit!

Product:[CHERRYKOKO]New Opening Bicolor Knit


[CHERRYKOKO]New opening bicolor knit

“New opening bicolor knit” which is a popular item in CHERRY KOKO. With a stylish design with a retro feel, brown will be added this fall, and it will be available in three colors, including black and mint. It is a knit top that can be used for a long time until winter because it goes well with coats, jackets and down jackets.

■ Dolman sleeve knit that is decided to be adult casual!

Product:[coca]Dolman Sleeve Sweater


[Coca]Dolman sleeve sweater

A dolman sleeve knit made of moist and soft modal material that is light and soft to the touch. It is a popular series of coca with a cumulative total of 160,000 copies. You can choose the neck design from boat design and bottleneck design.

[EBay Japan GK]

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