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Money that you want to practice for the future,VOGUE GIRL30’s Editor A, 20Two editors B reports! Knowledge of managing money wisely is now an important skill for building a colorful life. From this time, we will finally start full-scale asset management.While receiving a lecture at ABCash, a money training studio for women,NISA” to select the product.

“TsumitateNISA”, check out the previous article as well!

There are 3 main types.
Let’s choose products at “Tsumitate NISA”.

Even beginners can easily take on the challenge of investing and have high tax savings.NISAthe editor2The name is to make an investment debut! Start by choosing the product you want to operate. “TsumitateNISAare broadly divided into “index,” “active,” and “balanced.”3It is divided into two funds (investment trusts). Let’s take a look at each feature together!

[Index type]
America’s representative500Calculated based on the market capitalization of stocksS&P500”or”New YorkDow”,”TOPX”, and the Nikkei Stock Average, which has the same price movement as the index, aiming for investment returns.TsumitateNISAThere are plenty of index types. Fees are low and relatively stable operation can be expected.

[Active type]
The fund manager selects stocks and manages them with the aim of achieving results that exceed the benchmark. Whether or not a return can be obtained depends on the skill of the trend and the fund manager, and it is important to assess it.TsumitateNISAThere are fewer products to choose from than the index type, and the fees are higher.

[Balanced type]
Aim for stable performance by combining financial products such as stocks and bonds. Although it depends on the ratio of stocks and bonds, funds with a large ratio of bonds such as government bonds have lower yields because they can reduce risk. On the other hand, since the range of decline is small in the event of a major shock such as the corona shock, stable investment can be expected when the investment period is short and you do not want to take large risks.

You can determine the type depending on how long you can invest and how much you want to increase in the future.important!

In terms of low fees and stable operation, we decided to choose from index-type products that are easy to start even for beginners.20Rather than aiming for a large annual return, I would like to start with the awareness of steadily increasing my money little by little.

yet20Even if you choose to take a little risk because you can take a long investment period with your money, time will disperse the risk. I was thinking about choosing an active type. However, the active type aims at a high return that exceeds the index. I felt that it was difficult for beginners to identify the product because it was partly due to trends and the skills of the fund manager, so I decided to reconsider.

It’s OK if you keep these three things in mind.
Checkpoints for product selection.

Editor at last2opened by a personSBISelect products in a brokerage account. “TsumitateNISAIf you search for the target stock of175A book fund came out (2021Year9Moontwenty fouras of today)! How should I narrow down from this?For product selection that even beginners can understand3Introducing the point.

CHECK1. Choose one with a large total net worth.
Net worth represents the size of the fund, the total amount of money collected from us and the profits made by managing that net worthTens of billions to hundreds of billions of yenOne point is to beGOOD.

CHECK2. Choose the one whose net worth is increasing.
The fact that net assets are increasing year by year is one indicator that the operation is going well. When choosing a fund, check if the total net worth is growing steadily. The point is to check the entire period from the establishment of the fund to today.this1In 2019, due to the impact of the fall in the corona shock, the net assets of most funds increased, so it is important to look at a long period over the entire period.

CHECK3. Choose the one with the lowest trust fee.
A trust fee is a fee charged while holding a mutual fund.Even with similar investment trusts, trust fees1%Just different20about33A difference of 10,000 yen occurs. Although it varies depending on the product you choose, choose the one with the lowest possible trust fee, which has a large impact on long-term investment results.0.5%Choose one of the following criteria.

If you want to go one step further, check here!
If you want to know more about the products you buy and want to take it one step further, check out the Sharpe Ratio numbers. The Sharpe ratio is an index that indicates the magnitude of return relative to investment risk. The higher the Sharpe ratio, the better the investment efficiency.SBIIn the case of securities, it can be confirmed from the detailed analysis information of each security.

Monthly reports should be checked before purchasing. here,The latest situation of the investment trust andIt is a good idea to check which countries the products you are going to purchase are for, such as the United States, the rest of the world, or Japan, and what brands are included. Don’t leave it alone after purchase, but check it regularly while considering the review!

Think of a product that suits you.
What was your choice of the two editors?

After confirming the points to choose, actually decide the product and proceed to the purchase procedure.editor2What choices do people make?

I want to manage my money wisely, but there are so many things I don’t fully understand, and I sometimes feel uneasy about whether the choices I’m about to make are the right ones. However, if you keep the points in mind, asset management is not a large-scale story, but something that can be started steadily like putting coins in a piggy bank. Anyway, I feel that it is important to start running first. I have a large amount of net assets, an index fund targeting US stocks,2021In 2019, we will start investing with the maximum amount of 400,000 yen, which is the annual limit.

Trust fees are what you pay while you own a mutual fund.1%even the difference20Learning that there is a big difference in profits after the year, choosing a trust fee that is cheap is the number one point for me. Before I heard about the points, I wanted to aim for a high-risk, high-return active investment, but I felt that it would be difficult to follow price movements while working, so I decided to choose from index funds.It is a product that incorporates brands from all over the world.2To invest 10,000 yen each month.

Next time, editor B will challenge to open “iDECO”. A realistic report on the obstacles that beginners hit!

[Reviewing the basics so far]STEP 1. Know the type of investment. score a goal. VOL.1
STEP 2. Open a brokerage account. VOL.2
STEP 3. The difference between “iDeCo” and “NISA”. VOL.3

[Check here for more about money]Now’s your chance to review! 7 rules related to “money” that we want to know.
Choose wisely for the future! Which one saves you money?

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