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First of all, from the important “valuables”!

Domestic Travel Necessities Inventory List Valuables

□ Cash
Cash is necessary even in the cashless era. There are also situations where you need to change unexpectedly, such as coin lockers in small shops and museums.

□ Credit card
Prepare for necessary occasions such as paying for restaurants and hotels.

□ Electronic money card
It may be used at compatible shops such as transportation IC cards, nanaco, WAON, Rakuten Edy, and iD.

□ ETC card
A must-have for those who drive.

□ ID card
Bring your health insurance card, driver’s license, student ID, etc. in case of emergency.

□ Air tickets, train tickets, accommodation reservation tables, etc.
If you are ticketless, it is safe to check your login information so that you can display the screen on your smartphone or tablet.

If you are staying in one city, you can purchase a local IC card (Kitaca, PASMO, Suica, manaca, TOICA, PiTaPa, ICOCA, Hayakaken, nimoca, SUGOCA, etc.) locally and charge it for transportation or shopping. Convenient.

In addition to a wallet containing cards and certificates, you can bring a mini wallet containing coins and thousands of yen to use when you go to a hotel for breakfast, a bath, or a shop.

“Electronic equipment” is also a must-have item!

□ Smartphone
In addition to contact methods and local information retrieval, it may be more important than cash because it is used for cashless and ticketless presentations and also as a camera.

□ Smartphone charger + compatible cable
It is safe to bring a type that can charge multiple units at the same time in case the hotel has few outlets.

□ Mobile battery + charger
If you overuse your smartphone for camera functions or information retrieval while sightseeing, the battery will be consumed unexpectedly. It is recommended to bring one.
(* When boarding an airplane, lithium-ion batteries such as batteries cannot be deposited on the airplane alone. Please check the latest information on each airline’s website before using it.)

□ Power strip
This is useful when charging at once at a hotel.

□ Watch
Even people who usually check the time on their smartphones often check the time in a hurry such as a timetable while traveling, so it is convenient to wear a wristwatch.

If you go to a scenic spot, you will not regret it if you bring a high-performance camera such as a single-lens reflex camera! In that case, don’t forget the charger for the camera battery and the memory card.

Essential items for yourself such as “glasses / medicine”!

□ Glasses / contact lenses
An essential item for people with poor eyesight. People with contact lenses also need extra glasses. Also, if you’re not a disposable contact, don’t forget to take care of your lenses. If you are a spectacles enthusiast, you also want to put in a pair of glasses wipes.

□ Regular medicine, etc.
If you are prescribed medicine, please be sure to carry it with you. Also, depending on your constitution, it is safe to bring a sickness medicine or an intestinal regulator.

Don’t forget “clothes, underwear, shoes”!

Domestic Travel Necessities Inventory List Valuables

□ Clothes
For those who want to replace it every day for the number of travel days, for those who want to reduce luggage, reduce the number of outerwear and bottoms, and prepare the required number of tops and innerwear.

□ Underwear
It takes a few minutes to travel. If you can wash your clothes on a long trip, you can reduce the number of clothes.

□ Socks / stockings
Prepared for the number of travel days. Stockings can be washed by hand and dry quickly, so even a small amount is OK.

□ Pajamas / room wear
Domestic hotels come with yukata or pajamas, but often the size and design do not fit. If you’re traveling with him, bring a cute pajamas and you’ll feel better. Also, for those who want to spend a relaxing time at the hotel, it is convenient to have a loungewear.

□ Slippers
For hygiene, it’s safe to have your own slippers or room shoes.

□ Swimsuit
A must have if you go to a summer resort or a hotel with a pool. It can also be used in mixed bathing hot springs wearing swimsuits.

□ Shoes
If you are walking in the city, prepare shoes that are easy to walk, and if you are outdoors such as mountain climbing, prepare shoes for exclusive use. If you have the possibility to go to a fashionable restaurant, it’s a good idea to bring some light pumps. Also, don’t forget to wear flip-flops if you are a beach resort.

□ Hat, stole, muffler
For UV protection in summer and cold protection in winter. Bring a hat with a design that suits your TPO.

□ Gloves
In summer, if you use a long type with an arm guard, you can use it not only for ultraviolet rays but also for cooling measures. It is convenient if you can operate your smartphone in both summer and winter.

□ Earmuffs
For winter outings.

★ If you put a wrinkle-free dress or a glossy cardigan, you can use it when you go to a fashionable restaurant.

★ I usually walk more often while traveling, so unfamiliar people may have a pain in their legs. You can get rid of tiredness by bringing foot fatigue relief goods such as compression socks and care sheets to be attached to the soles of your feet.

“Bags and pouches” are also essential

Domestic Travel Necessities Inventory List Valuables

□ Travel bag
Choose Boston, backpack, or carry bag according to the location and travel period.

□ Sub bag
For walking around the city or taking a walk. A shoulder bag or backpack with both hands is convenient.

□ Eco bag
It comes in handy when you need to carry something that can be folded and made smaller.

□ Subdivided pouch
Prepare for clothing and accessories to organize the luggage in the bag.

□ Waterproof pouch for bath
There are various types such as mesh type and transparent vinyl type, so please choose according to your preference. You can find it by searching for spa bags, hot spring bags, etc.

□ Plastic bag / mini plastic bag with zipper
It is convenient to have a plastic bag for storing dirt and garbage, and a mini plastic bag with a zipper for storing small items such as receipts and tickets.

★ Clothes and underwear may be wrapped in a cute furoshiki. The furoshiki can also be used as a bag in case of emergency, so you can use it when you have more luggage on your way home.

Domestic Travel Necessities Inventory List Valuables
Domestic Travel Necessities Inventory List Valuables

This is the “basic edition” of the domestic travel inventory list!

The second half is beauty hygiene!

In the latter half, “Cosmetology and Hygiene,” we introduce cosmetics that are essential for women and hygiene that is necessary for infection control.

For more details, please click here.
Domestic travel inventory list Cosmetology items

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