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Since moving to the United States in 2016, she hasn’t had an office in Japan and has focused on remote work. “I and the company representative (private and partner Takumi Kawahara) live in the United States and didn’t have to have an office in Japan. I want the staff, including those raising children, to take good care of their homes. Our company values ​​the crush of staff even in private, so we use this style because it is an environment where we can work at our own discretion. “

However, all telework has some disadvantages. “The chances of having a trivial conversation like when I was face-to-face in the office are inevitably reduced. It’s hard to see the small changes that you can feel when you look at your face every day. So, even online on a regular basis. I try to meet face to face and communicate diligently. “

I often hear that my work efficiency tends to drop because I check unnecessary internet and SNS on my smartphone during telework. Is there an effective way to organize time in such cases? “When you work at home, you tend to get sloppy. This is the flip side of the fact that managing yourself is important because you do it at home. Organizing your time is when you put away physical things. The process is the same as the “small method”, in which you first envision your ideal life, take out everything and visualize it, identify the exciting things, and thank you for letting go.

Specifically, first think about how to spend 24 hours to make you flutter. Then take an inventory of how you actually spend your 24 hours. Then you can see that this is a time you don’t need, it’s a time you can let go. “

It is said that “visualization” is important when cleaning up things and time. Even on the Netflix show, I was impressed by the stunned people who saw a large pile of clothes that had been stowed away. You can’t see the time itself, but you can easily write down your day on paper or your smartphone and you’ll notice how you spend your time.

Balancing work and housework, and crushing in a shared space with family.

Clean up clothes for clothes, books for books and items. Take it out of the storage and feel the total amount. Then, touch each one to see if you are thrilled.

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