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Magaseek, which operates “MAGASEEK” and “d fashion”, a major apparel e-commerce mall. The organization was changed in October 2020, and the independent divisions for each site were integrated into one division. Mr. Otegawa of the company, who is in charge of the new organization, succeeded in flattening the unique culture rooted in the old business division and giving members the same sense of purpose of “maximizing sales”. In this article, I will introduce the behind-the-scenes of Magaseek style and organization that was talked about in the session of MarkeZine Day 2021 Autumn.

Magaseek, an e-commerce specialist, suffered an unexpected blow from Korona-ka

Many industries have been hit by the spread of the new coronavirus. One of them is the apparel industry, where physical stores were the main source of purchasing. Mr. Otegawa of Magaseek, who runs “MAGASEEK” and “d fashion” of apparel e-commerce malls, talks about the impact of Korona-ka on the industry as follows.

“The state of emergency in April 2020 drastically increased the demand for online shopping, which was a tailwind for us. On the other hand, the manufacturer who was the supplier reduced production due to the closure of the actual store. With the spread of SDGs, there was a call for a review of mass production / consumption.Business customs in the apparel industry have changedIt was also a year when I strongly realized what I was doing. “(Mr. Otegawa)

Mr. Daisuke Otegawa, General Manager, Consumer Site Business Headquarters, Magaseek
Mr. Daisuke Otegawa, General Manager, Consumer Site Business Headquarters, Magaseek

As the demand for e-commerce has increased, apparel makers have become more prominent in the full-scale operation of their e-commerce sites.With more companies focusing on digital marketing, until then it was like MagaseekHuman resources in the digital domain, which had been concentrated on the mall management side, leaked to manufacturers.. Mr. Otegawa states, “It has become difficult for us to take advantage of our company.”

According to the “Questionnaire Survey on Website Utilization Status 2021” conducted by Repro, which develops marketing support businesses for companies, the most common voice was “insufficient human resources” as an issue related to the company’s digital marketing.

[Click / tap to enlarge]Source: Reoro
[Click / tap to enlarge]Source: Reoro “Questionnaire Survey on Website Utilization 2021 Edition”

Dare to establish a dual-role system to promote members’ understanding of the business

Based on this result, Mr. Okano of Repro said, “It’s not limited to the apparel industry, butCompanies that do not have a dedicated person in charge have difficulty in turning PDCA for measures, and it is difficult to achieve results.There is a tendency. “

Repro Solution Sales Div. Hiroki Okano
Repro Solution Sales Div. Hiroki Okano

Meanwhile, Magaseek does not assign a full-time person in charge, and dares to recommend a dual-role system. Mr. Otegawa talks about the intention.

“Members actively work concurrently to help them understand their business.By understanding the entire business, the range of measures that can be taken will expand, and as a result, we will grow into human resources who are strong in the digital domain.That’s right. At our company, designers verify the effectiveness of their own creatives every morning, and directors write their own e-mail newsletters. “(Mr. Otegawa)

Prior to establishing a dual-role system, two EC malls, MAGASEEK and d fashion, were operated by different divisions. However, in October 2020, the divisions were integrated due to the allocation of human resources. Mr. Otegawa transformed the organizational structure as the general manager of the Consumer Site Business Headquarters.

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