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Adrien BrodyStarring & Executive Producer,Stephen kingGothic horror based on the original novel“Chapel Wait Cursed Genealogy”However, it will be exclusively distributed on the Amazon Prime Video channel “Star Channel EX -DRAMA & CLASSICS-” from December 1st (Wednesday) (also broadcast on “BS10 Star Channel” from December 21st). The preview video was released for the first time.

In 1850, the captain of the whaling ship, Charles Boone, decided to return to land and raise children after his beloved wife died of illness. His cousin Stephen moves to the chapelwaite, a mansion left in a small town in Maine, but the townspeople who know Steven and others coldly welcome the Boone family as a plague god. On the other hand, Charles, who is suffering from the illusion of maggots due to his childhood trauma, discovers a secret of the clan while investigating his cousins.

This work is a drama with new character settings and adaptations based on “Jerusalem’s Lot”, which was written by Stephen King in college and recorded in the short story “Night Shift” published in 1978. CG. It is a story that hits the day before the “Death Spirit Legend” series. In addition, Steven, who is often criticized for the visualization of his novel, liked the script shared in advance by producer Donald de Rein and approved the production, and after the first broadcast, “I am a university. He dramatized the novels he wrote in the era in a wonderful way and more eerily, “he praised on Twitter.

This work, in which the hero who suffers from trauma that was about to be killed by his father when he was young, learns the secret of the clan by inheriting the mansion of his relatives and fights to free the family from the curse inherited from generation to generation. In the first half, the story progresses slowly, drawing the hero who is suffering in the new world and her family slowly, but in the fourth episode, when a person who should have died appears in a shocking form, the drama suddenly starts from there. Reach the development.

And it becomes clear that there was a book behind the repeated tragedy of the clan, which is the mage that appears in Steven’s beloved mysterious novelist HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. The book “The Secret of the Youth”. Not only for those who like Steven’s horror and supernatural works, but also for lovecraft fans.

In the cast, Adrian from “The Pianist on the Battlefield” will play the leading role in the single father, as well asEmily HampshirePlays Rebecca Morgan, a new writer who will become a live-in tutor of the Boon family.

A video showing the dubious appearance of the mansion “Chapelwaite” where Charles Boone and his family, played by Adrian, began to live was also released.

“Chapel Wait Cursed Genealogy” Trailer

“Chapel weight cursed genealogy” distribution / broadcast information

Amazon Prime Video Channel “Star Channel EX -DRAMA & CLASSICS-“
[Subtitled version / Dubbed version]Delivered from December 1st (Wednesday) December 24th (Friday) -All episodes will be delivered
* December 1st (Wednesday) -23rd (Thursday) Episode 1 Subtitled version Advance delivery

BS10 Star Channel
[STAR1 subtitled version]From Tuesday, December 21st, every Tuesday at 23:00, etc. * Sunday, December 19th, 17:00 Subtitled version Episode 1 Free-to-air broadcast
[STAR3 dubbed version]From Friday, December 24th, every Friday at 22:00, etc.

“Chapel Wait Cursed Genealogy” is distributed on Amazon Prime Video channel “Star Channel EX -DRAMA & CLASSICS-” and broadcast on BS10 Star Channel.

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