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(1)[Free]Practical response to the revised Personal Information Protection Act in 2020
(2)[Free]Latest information on data-related legislation in each country and practical responses Summer 2021
(3)[Free]Isn’t it just a lawsuit?IP Dispute Resolution Means
(4)[Free]From contract review by AI to post-contract management
(5) Deep digging of contracts Mastering damages clauses
(6) Cashless Payments and Legal Regulations (Payment Settlement Act) (Installment Sales Act)
(7) Learning from case studies Basics of non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and the latest issues
(8) Free article access ranking for legal affairs
* Eligibility: Only those who work for companies except for some seminars. Please refer to each seminar page for details.

(1)[Free]Practical response to the revised Personal Information Protection Act in 2020 Discussing important issues in a dialogue format

Mr. Tomoya Ishikawa / Mr. Yuko Kawai Partner Attorneys at Nishimura & Asahi Law Offices
[Voice of participants]<98% viewer satisfaction>
・I realized again that the words and expressions I use as usual are efficient and accurate.
・It was good to realize that the preparation load for announcing safety management measures was unexpectedly heavy.
・He explained in an easy-to-understand manner what I was worried about when reviewing the company rules.
・Regarding the essential points, the priority is clear by being reminded both visually (written in red) and verbally.
● Revision of internal regulations
● Revision of privacy policy
● Establishment of a system for responding to data leaks, etc.
●Response to regulations related to the provision of personal information
●Responding to stricter regulations on overseas transfers
How to attend: Recorded delivery (recorded on September 13, 2021)
Application details:

(2)[Free]Latest information on data-related legislation in each country and practical responses Summer 2021

Mr. Tomoya Ishikawa, Partner Lawyer, Nishimura & Asahi Law Office
[Voice of participants]・I didn’t expect that you would be able to explain the outline and points of each country’s personal information protection legislation so thoroughly in the limited time of one hour. I learned a lot from the content, which included a lot of practical advice.
・We were able to hear an overview of not only the EU’s GDPR, but also the latest trends in each country’s relocation outside the region.
・The lecturer has a lot of knowledge about this path.
Because you taught with confidence. The story was very interesting.
◆ Global trends surrounding data protection laws
◆ Latest information on data protection laws in each country
◆ Practical support for Japanese companies
Application details:

(3)[Free]Isn’t it just a lawsuit?Intellectual property dispute resolution methods that legal and intellectual property personnel should know, focusing on intellectual property arbitration

Mr. Satoshi Fukunaga/Mr. Daisuke Kamimera Partner Attorneys at Yamamoto Patent and Law Office
◆ What is an intellectual property dispute?
◆ Means of resolving intellectual property disputes
◆ What is intellectual property mediation?
◆Other Dispute Resolution Means
◆ Q&A
How to attend: Live distribution (Thursday, November 25, 2009, 10:00-11:00), recorded distribution (early December, 2009-about 1 month)
Application details:

(4)[Free]Operational efficiency of contract management From contract review by AI to management after contract conclusion

Co-sponsored by FRAIM Co., Ltd. and Suzuyo Co., Ltd.

Selected as “Forbes 30 UNDER 30 Asia 2021” by 30 people under the age of 30 representing Asia in 2021
About “Document DX”, an initiative to improve productivity by changing the “mechanism” of document creation
◆Introduction of cloud document workspace “LAWGUE” ~ A tool for stress-free document creation and review ~

◆Focusing on contracts, with the theme of streamlining contract management
・ Common issues of contract management
・Points of contract management
・Introduction of Suzuyo’s contract management service
Attendance method: Live distribution: December 1, 2009 (Wednesday) 13:00-14:00, Recorded distribution: Scheduled to be distributed from mid-December 2009
Application details:

(5) Contract Fukahori Series 2 “Exercising Compensation Clauses”

Ms. Tokiko Maruno, Lawyer, Idezawa Sogo Law Office
1 Basics of liability for damages
2 Limitation of Liability
3 Negligence and gross negligence
4 Force majeure clause
5 Schedule of compensation for damages
How to attend: Recorded distribution (recorded on October 27, 2021) Viewing time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Course fee: 12,100 yen (tax included)
Application details:

(6) Cashless Payments and Legal Regulations (Payment Settlement Act / Installment Sales Act)

Ms. Tenko Hori, Partner Lawyer, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto Law Office
In response to progress in practice, the Installment Sales Act and the Payment Services Act have been amended one after another, and regulatory frameworks have been introduced with the aim of taking a risk approach that is in line with the nature of the business handled. For this reason, we will explain the details of the laws that are deeply related to cashless payments, including the revisions, and explain legal issues in practice.
■ Fund Settlement Act
1. Contents and Amendments of the Payment Services Act
2.Practice of the Payment Services Act
■ Installment sales method
1. Details and Amendments to the Installment Sales Act
2.Practice of Installment Sales Act
Attendance method: Recorded distribution (recorded on September 6) Viewing time: About 1 hour and 30 minutes each time
Course fee: 12,100 yen/set price 22,000 yen (tax included)
Application details:

(7) Learning from case studies Basics of non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and the latest issues
From basics of NDA, response to information leakage incidents, response to strengthening of international information management regulations

Mr. Mikiharu Mori / Mr. Yojiro Arai Attorneys at Tokyo International Law Office
2.Basics of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Important Points of NDA Learned from Japanese and English Contracts
3.Information leaks and countermeasures
[Case 1]Case where information was leaked from a joint venture to a joint venture partner (China)
[Case 2]Case of technology appropriation through technology disclosure in the preliminary stage of joint research and development
4.Strengthening of information management regulations and the latest practices against the backdrop of increasing tension in US-China relations the end
How to attend: Recorded delivery (recorded on August 27, 2020) Viewing time: 2 hours 5 minutes
Course fee: 17,600 yen (tax included)
Application details:

(8) Free article access ranking for legal affairs
(1st place) Overview of the new system for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) based on the 2021 revision of the Civil Aeronautics Act
(2nd place) Impact of 2021 revisions to the Civil Code and Real Estate Registration Law on corporate practices
(3rd place) About the 3rd year of Reiwa Revision of the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act
(4th) Responding to information leaks and the impact of the revised Personal Information Protection Law in 2020
(5th) 2020 Revised Act on the Protection of Personal Information and Privacy Governance Practices
(6th) M&A Trend Watch[1st]Stock Delivery
(7th place) Responding to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information by an active legal department member and Hiroyasu Kageshima, a lawyer
(8th) Commentary on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and Deposit Law Amendments
(9th) Latest trends in cross-border data transfer regulations[1st]China
(10th) Implementation of global whistleblowing system and practice of operation

◎ Other free legal articles
◎ Other seminar information
◎ Business & Law seminar information registration for e-mail magazine

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