Yebisu’s first completely newly written novel “HOP TRAVEL Haratau -Land of 1000-” released | Press release of Sapporo Holdings

Sapporo Breweries Limited, a group company of Sapporo Holdings Limited, prior to the launch of “Yebisu Hop Terror” on November 24, as part of the “Yebisu brand’s activities to propose ways to enjoy beer time”. Yebisu’s first completely newly written novel “HOP TRAVEL Haratau -Land of 1000-” will be released on the Yebisu special site, “Google Play Books” and “Apple Books” from November 10th.

Yebisu has a history of more than 130 years, and based on the desire to enrich the lives of each and every customer with beer, we are constantly pursuing the possibilities of beer and creating new ways to enjoy beer and diversity. I have continued to create it.

“Yebisu Hop Terroir” is a product born from the desire not only to let you feel the “deliciousness of beer” due to our commitment to raw materials, but also to enjoy the “story” that is the background of manufacturing. .. Prior to the launch of this product, Yebisu’s first completely newly written novel “HOP TRAVEL Haratau-The Land of 1000-“, where you can enjoy the “Ebisu Hop Terroir” as a literary work, spun the product you pick up and the history and story of the production area as a literary work. Was produced.

The author is a note, boasting about 60,000 followers, saying, “Love always begins and ends casually. It is Mr. Shinji Hayashi, an active bartender writer who is also famous as an author. This work was spelled out from the perspective of Mr. Hayashi, who not only is familiar with alcohol, but also writes many works on the subject of love and human patterns. Through the depiction of the human mind and the change of the hero’s mind in various lands, we will deliver the “terroir” that is the background of beer making as one literature called “novel”.

In addition, just by reading this work, you can learn the secrets of beer knowledge and deliciousness all over the world, and you can experience a new way to enjoy beer.

This work can be read for free on the special site of “Yebisu Hop Terror”, “Google Play Books” and “Apple Books”, and from November 24th, it will be available in limited quantities at the Yebisu Beer Memorial Hall and YEBISU BAR nationwide. We will prepare a bound version. Please enjoy such a moment as if you “forget the time” with Yebisu in one hand.

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■ “Activities to propose ways to enjoy beer time” by the Yebisu brand
This year’s Yebisu brand is developing initiatives to deliver the enjoyment of beer time to customers with the concept of “Color Your Time! YEBISU Beer’s enjoyment, more variety.” Until now, we have been engaged in various activities such as launching products with new concepts, online events, radio programs, etc. from the desire to color the time of each customer.

■ “HOP TRAVEL Haratau -The Land of 1000-” Synopsis
A woman who visited a bar in Shibuya for a certain purpose

The existence of a certain man, the past of a woman who is gradually revealed through the served sake and the dialogue that is born from it

The stage is the land of 1000 years that reached the end of the journey around the world of beer and hops through dialogue from Japan to England, Belgium, and Germany.

With Yebisu in one hand, please have a moment like “forget the time”

■ Author profile
Shinji Hayashi Born in 1969. Born in Tokushima prefecture. The owner of the Shibuya wine bar “bar bossa”.
After working for 2 years at Recofan (used record shop), 2 years at Bacana & Sabas Tokyo (Brazilian restaurant), and 2 years at Fairground (shot bar), he opened bar bossa in Shibuya in 1997.
2001 Opened BOSSA RECORDS on the internet. He has written many music selection CDs and CD liners. The book “Why does the master of the bar wear a tie?” “The other side of the wine glass” “Love always begins and ends casually.” 』Https:// and many others.

■ November 10- “HOP TRAVEL Haratau -The Land of 1000-” E-book release destination
・ “Yebisu Hop Terroir” special site:
・ Google Play Books:
-Apple Books:
* You can also read the postscript on the special site of “Yebisu Hop Terroir”.
* Ebooks are free.

■ November 24- “HOP TRAVEL Haratau -The Land of 1000-” bound version handling store
If you order “Yebisu Hop Terroir” at the Yebisu Beer Memorial Hall below and YEBISU BAR nationwide, we will give it to the customer who requested it. When ordering “Yebisu Hop Terroir”, please inform the staff that you are looking for a bound version of “HOP TRAVEL Haratau -The Land of 1000 Years-“.
* Advance reservations and reserves are not accepted.
* As the number is limited, it will end as soon as it runs out.
* The bound version is free.

・ Museum of Yebisu Beer
・ All YEBISU BAR stores
* For details, please check the URL below.

Yebisu Beer Memorial:

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