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The second collaboration sneaker is on sale!

Italian denim and sports brand announce the collaboration sneaker “Majesty Ralph Sampson for Replay”. This pair of shoes, also known as “Ralph Sampson sneakers,” was designed by basketball legend Ralph Sampson. The mid-cut form is very fashionable, and it is an item that seems to be the decisive factor for winter outfits.

“Majesty Ralph Sampson for Replay” features a simple design with attention to detail. Eco-washing processed denim developed by that gives a used feeling while considering the environment is used as a part of the material. For the processing of the sneakers themselves, eco-stones that have polishing properties similar to pumice stones but do not leave residues, and processing techniques that do not use water are used.

63,800 yen (Replay / Fashion Box Japan)

63,800 yen (Replay / Fashion Box Japan)

63,800 yen (Replay / Fashion Box Japan)

63,800 yen (Replay / Fashion Box Japan)

Furthermore, processes such as polishing and dyeing with natural colorants are carefully made by hand, as with denim. Therefore, it is a pair with a unique taste and used feeling. There are 4 colors available, so you can change it according to your outfit.

This is on sale at the store Daikanyama store, the store Namba Parks store, or the official online store.

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