Create a new style in Japanese street culture! MUSIC FASHION BAR Arashi -RUN- will open in Kabukicho, Shinjuku on Sunday, November 21, 2021 | JOINT ONE press release

“Even in this storm of adversity, I will run through”

Supervised by JOINT ONE Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Producer Yuki Namagara.
Establishing a unique style that mixes Japanese elements with LA street culture, it has become a one and only MUSIC FASHION BAR where you can enjoy in an open and casual atmosphere like a club.
It is a private space where you can fully immerse yourself in music and fashion while enjoying alcohol with a carefully selected interior.
Please look forward to it as a source of new culture.

▼RUN point

1. Influencers in the street culture area are stationed
Influencers with more than 10,000 followers on SNS, mainly Instagram and TikTok, will be stationed as staff.
Fashion icons with unique and outstanding sense and policy will welcome you.

2. Holding collaboration events with various street brands

Apparel-related events such as pop-up shops and parties, as well as club events with famous DJs, will be held regularly.

3. Dedicated interior

Graphic designer ACC Kito creates art.
Graffiti with Japanese motifs will please your eyes.
In addition, it is a space where you can fully immerse yourself in cutting-edge music, with meticulous attention to audio equipment.

▼ Opening event schedule

11/21 (Sun) OPEN 19:00-CLOSE 3:00 next day GUEST DJ:NATSUMI
11/23 (Tue) OPEN 19:00-CLOSE 3:00 GUEST DJ: YUI PEACOCK
11/27 (Sat) OPEN 19:00-CLOSE 3:00 next day GUEST DJ: KASUMI

Starting with “ENTERTAINMENT DINING BAR KUJIRA”, which won Japan’s top 10 on overseas travel sites, we are developing a complex entertainment-related service such as bars, gyms, and advertising.

Restaurant business
·trip advisor
KUJIRA was selected as one of the top 8 Japanese experiences and tours popular among foreigners.

Event/talent business
・Performer dispatched to EDC SKYDECK for 3 consecutive years / In charge of directing
・Performer general election will be held in conjunction with 17 Live

fitness business
・Based in Improvement studio (Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo), spread the exercise “Breakletics” originating in Germany.
・In charge of body makeup for models and influencers who are active on the front lines.

We received a lot of congratulatory flowers from everyone involved.
*For the convenience of posting, this congratulatory flower will be part of the flowers we received.

▼Store overview
Location: G3 Building 1F, 1-10-3 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 19:00~03:00 next day
Closed: Mondays
Representative: Hirohito Morita
TEL: 03-6233-7903 (store)
Mobile: 090-5976-4976
(Public Relations: Akita)

*We do not allow anyone under the age of 20 to enter.
*An ID card with a face photo is required for ID check.
* Business days and hours are subject to change depending on reservation status.
*Please check the official Instagram in advance before visiting.

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