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“If people tell me that it’s fashionable, I don’t know how to answer it. I have a kind of system in my outfit, and I don’t enjoy what to match today every morning. In that sense, I’m not fashionable, “says Toshihiro Nakayama, a professor at Keio University (in Otemachi, Tokyo).

Toshihiro Nakayama, an international politician and professor at the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University, prefers an “inconspicuous” outfit. A dark suit and a plain tie that blends in nicely with your surroundings. A tailor-made suit with unique details and cuts is really casually dressed. He sticks to understatement and hates being called “dandy” or “fashionable”. Mr. Nakayama’s idea of ​​clothing was in the mid-1980s, when he was in the high school of Aoyama Gakuin.

Encounter with a blonde tailor Awaken to the uplifting feeling of a suit

――There are many suit styles on the TV that you are appearing on. I think many people have the image of a dandy and stylish teacher.

“(Laughing) I’m usually in jersey.”

“The Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC), where the Faculty of Policy Management is located, is located in the suburbs, and it takes about two hours from home, so comfortable jerseys and light clothing are the best. It’s a feeling of leaving the city center, so it’s a casual outfit. So, if you do a class with this suit you’re wearing now, it will be a comedy. “

–Slim fit and clean line. Is it an order suit?

“For the last 10 years, I’ve been making suits and jackets with designer Kazunari Arita’s” Tailor & Cutter. “I used to wear ready-made suits, but I feel the excitement of wearing suits. I didn’t have any. I started trying made-to-measure (pattern order) from my late 30s and met Mr. Arita. “

“The master of the bar I was attending told me that there is a tailor who is stubborn. I thought it would be interesting to hear that if I couldn’t get an image, I might not make it, so I jumped into the store. Mr. Arita, a blonde tailor who honed his skills in England, welcomed me. The idea and technique of manufacturing is amazing. The first one is to make a flashy suit with a pink lining, more than any clothes. I found it fun and uplifting to wear. After that, Mr. Arita made about 10 suits, jackets and shirts. “

Tailor and cutter suits shine with individuality in every detail.The bell-like cuffs, the buttons on the jacket and the lines that extend from it are like a dinner jacket.

――If you think of it as a calm dark suit, you can feel the aesthetic sense, such as the flared cuffs and the one button that looks like a dinner jacket.

“The color is dark gray. The shoulders are standing and the shape of the cuffs is (spreading) flare. Mr. Arita’s clothes are flashy in the first place. My theme is how to wear it soberly. The tie to match is Most of them are solid (plain), and I have about 10 in black only. I like the jackets that are long and tight. I recently trained my body and gained muscles, so it’s a little tight when I sit down. You may feel it, but according to Mr. Arita, you have to fit your body to your clothes. The suit feels like your shoulders are pulled, it looks like a tie, and your posture improves. “

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