A person who wears Lemaire. vol.4 Sharar Lazima | Fashion

──Sharar is the first appearance in half a year. In the meantime, the field of activity has expanded further.

I haven’t written a lot of sentences yet, but since I was able to properly expose the sentences I wrote for the first time in “Modern Business”, now I have started serializing in another medium. The original concept was conveyed by writing it, and the people who read it became able to get work, and I had more opportunities to focus on myself. Thankfully, I don’t have a single job that I don’t like, and all the stories are suitable for me. This is also the case with this shoot, and I feel that this kind of work itself makes me up. At first, the model was only one of the means to express myself, but recently I have come to think that the activity of modeling is not just a doll, but a nonverbal physical expression. It’s been about three years since I started modeling, but I realized that what I wanted to convey was also in the transformation of beauty in the world, and it was an opportunity to think about beauty and fashion again through my work.

──I have the impression that the expression has become more flexible while keeping the concept as it is.

It’s changing. Actually, even when I first created the concept, there were places where I acted before I thought about it. When I noticed, I was blonde and wore colored contact lenses. The concept itself may not change in the future, but I feel that it is okay to change the way of expression. I want to be a person who can be neutral. This neutral does not mean that it is ambiguous, but that it is either or neither. I don’t want to hate anyone, but even if I hate it, I think it’s a human being, and I want to cherish such human-like transitions and activities. I am amazed at the brightness that I can play and the darkness that I can’t imagine, both of which live together in me and have such a wide range of swings. Nowadays, it tends to be biased toward convenience, but the world cannot talk about it with just such things, and it has not been established. It may be difficult to understand, but for some reason I want to embody a feeling that I am attracted to and cannot explain in words. And I also want to be a person who keeps moving without deciding on myself.

──What are you affected by?

I am often influenced by others, such as my dear friends and respected people, and I strongly feel that I am built by what I talk to and the culture I have seen so far. That’s right. That is why I try to have as deep a connection as possible so that I can speak and think with such others. While being greatly influenced by various cultures, people and places, I feel that my own existence and whereabouts are scattered and circulated in those people and places. I want to incorporate what I have absorbed into my physical expression, and I think it is important to write it again every day. Because of the great influence of others, if you leave it alone, you will not be able to keep your own world. Writing itself is a battle of one person. However, I can never know what kind of person I am, only by my relationship with others. Therefore, it is important to have both, and it is very dangerous if it is biased to either side. The state of being alone and the influence of others are both connected and interacting.

──Sharar Please tell us about your daily life.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t get things done without going out of the house. So, there are various places to go depending on the time of day, but rather than new places, I go around the fixed places one after another. You have to have time to eat your favorite menu at your favorite shop, read a book, and think about it. I’m more curious than people, so there are times when I move with tremendous momentum, but if I don’t get a lot of information, learn, and organize encounters with people, it will be mixed up. If you can organize it slowly in this way, those things will become bloody and flesh before you know it. Therefore, such time is indispensable.

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