Is it a big change in the future of the “Battlefield” series? Focus IP on Respawn Entertainment and promote the construction of “Battlefield Universe”

Electronic Arts“Battlefield 2042”It seems that a big change will occur in the future of the series, probably due to the influence of the severe departure of (PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X / PS4 / Xbox One).Game Media’s GameSpot reports in an article published on December 2, 2021 North American time.

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The lack of content and poor performance have been the subject of criticism, making it the third major update.“0.3.0”“Battlefield 2042” seems to be improving at a rapid pace, such as being delivered on December 2nd. EA DICE’s general manager, who has taken responsibility for the situation and has been responsible for the development of the previous series.Oskar GabrielsonIt has also been revealed that EA has left the company.

For this reason, EA changed the internal system for “Battlefield” and changed it.“APEX Legends”or“Titanfall”CEO of Respawn Entertainment, known for its series,Vince ZampellaIt is said that the authority was concentrated on.Zampera is also a co-founder of Respawn, and before that he was the first infinity Ward he founded.“call of duty”He has worked on numerous CoD series works, including.

Respawn’s Zampera is already in charge of the studio head for Ripple Effect (formerly DICE LA), where there are rumors that he is developing a Free-to-Play “Battlefield” game.
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According to an interview conducted by GameSpot with Mr. Zampera, due to personnel changes accompanying Mr. Gabrielson’s departure, the future will be“Connected Battlefield Universe”It is said that it will promote the construction of.
No specific details have been given, but multiple studios such as Respawn, EA DICE, and Ripple Effect have embarked on a “Battlefield” series of works that transcends different eras, platforms, and genres, including “Call of Duty.”“Halo”It seems that they are aiming to grow into a multifaceted franchise like a series.

However, this April“Battlefield Mobile”Has been officially announced (related article), and it seems that EA has already started to materialize the Battlefield Universe.Although details have not been announced yet, the development of the smartphone version was involved in the development of the first “Halo”.Alex SeropianIs in charge of Industrial Toys (acquired by EA in 2018), which was established in 2012, and is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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Until now, “Battlefield” has often released new works every one and a half to two years, but in the future it seems that various manufacturers will make use of their characteristics and release them frequently. ..

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