Regional version of sports open innovation promotion project “INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD” Decided a partner company to cooperate with sports teams in 4 regions nationwide!

The Sports Agency has announced the acceleration program “INNOVATION LEAGUE” in 4 regions (Kansai, Hokkaido, China, Okinawa) nationwide in the “Sports Open Innovation Promotion Project (formation of advanced cases of regional version of SOIP)” (contractor: Parsol Innovation Co., Ltd.). We are pleased to inform you that we have decided on a partner company to proceed with incubation by holding “SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD”.

Each teamAnd adoptedCompany / Proposal title

● Hokkaido area

Levanga Hokkaido (basketball)
[Recruitment theme]Revitalization of fans by introducing cutting-edge technology in fast-growing markets
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • VRooM Co., Ltd. “Fan communication and creation of watching experience / opportunity by utilizing xR”

Red Eagles Hokkaido (ice hockey)

[Recruitment theme]Innovate traditional sports and infiltrate untapped markets
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • “Utilization of mobile technology x improvement of visit experience value”

● Kansai area

Gamba Osaka (soccer)
[Recruitment theme]365 days, a new entertainment experience that spreads from the stadium to the area
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • Open Street Inc. “Contributing to the community and contributing to the SDGs through Gamba Cycle”

NTT DoCoMo Red Hurricanes Osaka (Rugby)

[Recruitment theme]Changing rugby league Challenge to create new business
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • Real World Games Co., Ltd. “Promoting fan health and improving engagement with Red Hurricane’s Walk”
  • CBC Co., Ltd. “Acquisition of paid fan club members by creating participatory watching experience value”

Kwansei Gakuin University Competitive Sports Bureau (Multisports)

[Recruitment theme]Students with potential, amateur sports players, and environmental enhancement
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • Onkyo Sports Co., Ltd. “Athlete Performance Improvement Project”

● China region

Hiroshima Dragonfly (basketball)
[Recruitment theme]Providing a new watching experience that enhances fan engagement
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • Berise Co., Ltd. “Improvement of fan engagement and profitability by creating new XR content”

Renofa Yamaguchi (soccer)

[Recruitment theme]Providing a new watching experience centered on diversity
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • Carepro, Inc. “In a stadium where everyone gathers”

● Okinawa area

FC Ryukyu (soccer)
[Recruitment theme]A mechanism to expand people’s exchanges from the stadium to the whole of Okinawa and the whole country
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • Real World Games Co., Ltd. “Ryukyu Clean Walk-Okinawa’s Problem Solving Yuimaru Platform-“
  • OKT Communications Co., Ltd. “Secret weapon in FC Ryukyu home utilizing AWAPASS platform”

Ryukyu Asteeda (table tennis)

[Recruitment theme]Creation of next-generation business through sports and entertainment
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • Tanita Health Link, Inc. “Asteeda will change the health of Okinawa! Japan’s first health program involving[tokens]!”

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (baseball)

[Recruitment theme]Economic revitalization and new business creation centered on professional sports camps “
Adopted companies and proposed titles

  • Ryukyu DigiCo Co., Ltd. “Naraigoto x Community-A platform where you can learn various things-“


“INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD” is a project that aims to create new business and value while solving local social issues through sports teams / organizations by co-creating the power of sports and all industries.
Because the sports teams / organizations in each region are rooted in the region, we have a clearer understanding of the social issues facing the region and the future and vision that the region is aiming for. The partner company selected by the document screening from the entered business ideas will carry out discussion and business plan brush-up at BUSINESS BUILD for 2 days together with the sports team / organization, and create a new business framework.
The partner companies selected from among them will enter incubation, aiming for social implementation and commercialization of co-creation business ideas with the cooperation of local companies and organizations, supporter companies nationwide, sports business and mentors who are familiar with each industry. I will continue.
This time, the stage is Hokkaido, Kansai, China, and Okinawa. We will realize regional revitalization centered on sports, and aim to “become a growth industry for sports” from each region to all over Japan and to the world.


Future plans
The selected ideas will be considered for commercialization by proceeding to incubation and demonstration experiments for social implementation together with mentor and supporter companies for each theme.
In addition, DEMO DAY will be held in February 2022 (scheduled) as a place to announce the results.

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