SIE announces acquisition of Seattle game studio Valkyrie Entertainment.To strengthen title development

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today (December 11, 2021) that it has acquired Seattle-based game maker Valkyrie Entertainment. Due to the terms of the contract, the purchase price and the completion date of the acquisition have not been announced.

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Established in 2002, Valkyrie Entertainment not only develops games but also publishes, but it is a Free-to-Play action game whose PlayStation 4 version was released in 2015.“Guns Up!”Other than that, it may be a developer that is not well known to gamers.
According to the official website, the company has a long experience in collaborative development and development support for large titles, and in 2018“God of War”And Riot Games“League of Legends” “VALORANT”,moreover“Forza Motorsport”It is said that he has committed to the development of series and so on. Looking at the title lineup, it seems that the connection with SIE has been deep for some time.

The purpose of the acquisition is to strengthen the development of exclusive titles for PlayStation, and the announcement states that Valkyrie Entertainment will support the development of major works as the 17th studio of PlayStation Studios in the future.

Sony Interactive Entertainment,
~ The Seattle-based company
Strengthening the development of exclusive titles for PlayStation Studios ~

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is pleased to announce that it has signed a formal agreement to acquire Valkyrie Entertainment (Valkyrie Entertainment, based in Seattle, USA), a game development company. Known for developing and co-developing content for multiple highly acclaimed game studios, the company has joined as the 17th studio of PlayStation Studios and will be a major franchise of PlayStation Studios in the future. We will support the development of.

“Valkyrie Entertainment creates high-quality titles in a variety of styles, from action to service-based games, for a wide range of platforms from consoles to PCs.Valkyrie Entertainment is an adaptable and acclaimed studio. , Will continue to be welcomed by all PlayStation Studios teams focused on providing great gaming experiences. “

(Herman Halst, General Manager of SIE PlayStation Studios)

“Since 2002, we have contributed to the development of more than 100 titles, including PlayStation masterpieces such as God of War, inFAMOUS, and Twisted Metal. In new chapters, the world. We look forward to working with some of the most talented teams in the world to contribute to the creation of great works for PlayStation fans to enjoy. “

(President and Founder of Valkyrie Entertainment, Joakim Wegemer)

The current Valkyrie Entertainment management team will continue to manage the company. Terms and conditions, including the purchase price, are not disclosed due to the terms and conditions of the contract.

About Valkyrie Entertainment
Valkyrie Entertainment is a game development company and service provider based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Since 2002, we have been providing high quality production art production and game joint development services. Founded with the goal of solving client problems through professional and quality support, the company has been well received and has contributed to the success of more than 100 projects.

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