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What is Digichaim

“Digichaim” is a service that allows customers to call staff through a call QR code installed in the store or at the venue and immediately notify the staff, as well as grasp the detailed consultation content of the call. By installing multiple QR codes, you can know “when”, “where” and “what” of the call, realizing speedy and optimal customer service.

Digichaim service site: https://digichime.com/

■ Introduction background and achievements

It was a time when a state of emergency was being declared due to the corona crisis, and customers were very sensitive to things such as call buttons that were touched by an unspecified number of people. With a sense of anticipation, we introduced Digichaim.

In March 2020, before all stores were closed, we introduced an overview of the service, and at that time, we received feedback that “it was such a wonderful service that we decided to introduce it in the middle.”

At first, only a few machines were equipped with call points for Digichaim, so the number of calls was very small. and the number of calls increased. Being able to respond optimally and promptly to each call not only improved customer satisfaction, but also played a role in reducing the time and effort of employees and providing customer service training.
In addition, we received a consultation asking if it would be possible to solve the waiting queue with a digital camera, so we developed a waiting function and now we can form the queue using a digital camera instead of using an analog system. .

In addition, we are also interested in the data analysis platform and cooperation with the IP wireless transceiver application “Buddycom” and are widely used.
In addition to receiving a certain amount of positive feedback from the field staff, the flexibility of development and the speed of function upgrades have also been highly evaluated, and the number of stores has expanded to 50 stores in one year since the introduction. From there, it was decided to introduce it to all stores in half a year.

■ Introduction to all stores

GENDA SEGA Entertainment Co., Ltd. IT Strategy Headquarters IT Solution Department General Manager Hideo Kawai

The decisive factor for the introduction was love at first sight. Most customer contact points at game arcades are complaints, and many of them are latent as silent complaints. I felt that being able to manifest this would lead to great opportunities. It is difficult for a customer to say “Excuse me!” to a store clerk in a store with a high noise level. On the other hand, there is a limit to how many staff can be allocated, and I remember being impressed by the wonderful service that solved that dilemma.

Regarding the introduction to all stores, the number of stores was gradually expanded from a test introduction at a few stores, and the number of calls from customers and the reputation of the stores were rising, so naturally, the company called for the introduction of all stores. I was. Among the pre-installed stores, there are stores that are particularly good at using Digichaim, and the word-of-mouth effect from these stores has been great.

What I expect from Digichaim in the future is that it is still the only service for arcade customers, but I would like you to pursue functions that solve the pain unique to arcades. For example, even if it’s just to find out which machine is broken, it’s a business that only has analog means, so I have high hopes for the new service provided by WASD, which is familiar with game arcades. Regarding “visualization of customer service,” if there is something that presents suggestions derived from customer service data, I think it will have the power to change even the way employees work. I have high hopes for the future.

■ About WASD Co., Ltd.

With the mission of “making communication more convenient”, we are a SaaS startup company in its second year that plans, develops, and operates the cloud service “Digichaim” that streamlines the interaction between customers and store staff.

■Company profile

Company name: WASD Inc.
Established: January 28, 2020
Address: 201 Essenario Nakano, 2-28-3 Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165-0026
Number of employees: 15
Representative: Shota Morishima
Capital: 65,935,000 yen
Business description: Planning, development and operation of “Digichaim”

■ Contact information

TEL: 03-4405-2805 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
Contact form: https://digichime.com/contact/

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