Two groups belonging to JO1 & INI and LAPONE ENTERTAINMENT achieved W award at the world’s largest K-POP music award ceremony “2021 MAMA” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

2021 MAMA
(C) CJ ENM Mnet

Global boy groups “JO1” and “INI” belonging to LAPONE ENTERTAINMENT won the W award at the world’s largest K-POP music award ceremony “2021 MAMA (Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS)” held on December 11th. Achieved. JO1 won “Best Asian Artist Japan” and INI won “Favorite Asian Artist”.

2021 MAMA
(C) CJ ENM Mnet

“MAMA” is a global music held by CJ ENM Co., Ltd., the Korean headquarters of CJ ENM Japan Co., Ltd., which operates 100% Korean entertainment channel “Mnet” and Japan’s first Korean entertainment video distribution service “Mnet Smart”. This year marks the 13th time of the award ceremony. Every year, they have performed innovative stages, but this year, popular artists from Japan such as Wanna One, Ed Sheeran, ENHYPEN, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER performed.

Among the brilliant artists, JO1 performed the title song “Our Season” from the 5th single “WANDERING” released on December 15, and is a prestigious award given to the artist who showed outstanding performance. Received “Best Asian Artist Japan”. INI performed “Rocketeer” from their debut single “A” released on November 3, and won the “Favorite Asian Artist” award.

[2021 MAMA] INI (아이 엔아이) + JO1 (제이 오원) –One Dream (Rocketeer + Our Season) | Mnet 211211 방송


■ JO1 award comment (excerpt)
We are very pleased to receive such a special award.
Starting with this live, we hope to show JAM everyone a new look.
And finally, don’t be ashamed of the name “Best Asian Artist Japan”
We will continue to work in the future, so thank you.
Thank You MAMA, Thank You KOREA, Music Makes One


■ INI award comment (excerpt)
Since my debut, thanks to everyone’s warm support, I have been able to see a truly wonderful view.
And I am very happy to receive “Favorite Asian Artist”.
INI will continue to grow every day to make everyone happy, so please look forward to it.
Thank you for your continued support. Thank you very much.


▼ JO1 release information
new single
Released on Wednesday, December 15th

5264036: L

5264038: L

5264050: L

5264051: L

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▼ JO1 event information
“JO1 EXHIBITION in Gallery AaMo”
December 25, 2021 (Sat) -January 25, 2022 (Tue)
Venue: Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo
Click here for details


▼ INI release information
Debut single

5254497: L

5254500: L

5255657: L

5254503: L

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