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The world’s largest virtual fashion conference “Circular Fashion Summit (CFS) 2021” opened in December 2021 at the Grand Palais Ephemer’s digital twin in Paris, France.

CFS is an event organized by lablaco, a provider of digital platforms. As a global action conference, it focuses on design, technology and sustainability, pushing the fashion industry into a digitally connected circular economy.

▲ Courtesy of Lablaco, 3D & Art Art Director: TsaiTsaiTsu, Digital Fashion: IoDF & DressX

▲ # CFS2021VR AVATAR Hero Image // Credit: Creative & Art: Spacegrey & Foggy Incense; Digital Fashion: IoDF & Spencer Badu

▲ Courtesy of Lablaco, 3D Grand Palais Éphémère

This time, it will be developed through lablaco’s metaverse platform “SPIN” for circular fashion. Transforming leaders from the areas of design, technology and sustainability will come together to share their insights and encourage swift action on three goals that will accelerate the digital circular economy of fashion.

With “Redesigning Society” as the theme, we focus on the social development after corona that is occurring in the fashion industry. It aims to redesign society while accelerating large-scale digitization and circulation.

▲ Credit: Auroboros, Tokyo James, Miss Sohee

Furthermore, by proposing a wide range of solutions such as upcycling, adaptive fashion, and digital twins, the role of fashion, which is the driving force for achieving happiness, will be expanded.

▲ Credit: ISKO, FiberTrace, MEC

Participants wear the VR headset “Oculus Quest 2” and immerse themselves in the environment inside SPIN. Users can use their avatars to participate in panel talks and workshops, and 15 innovative companies in each industry such as the top 10 design award winners, design process, materials, manufacturing, retail, traceability and transparency. It seems that you can have a conversation with.End

▲ Credit: Tokyo James

▲ Credit: Nous Étudions

▲ Credit: Nous Étudions

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