Healthy home delivery service “FIT FOOD HOME” has undergone a major renewal of the site! You can choose from one meal at a time, and the new product “Side dish plate low-carbohydrate VEGE +” will be on sale at the same time! | Press release of AIVICK Co., Ltd.

Until now, it was only sold as a set with 5 types of menus, but the discount rate per meal will be greatly increased by “single item purchase” where you can choose your favorite menu from 1 meal unit and bulk purchase. You can now purchase more conveniently and profitably, such as “Volume Discount”.
In addition, by greatly improving convenience such as expanding the function of regular delivery, it will be reborn as a service that can be used more comfortably!

At the same time as the site is reopened, a new product “Side dish plate low-carbohydrate VEGE +” will be on sale.


  • What is FIT FOOD HOME?

FIT FOOD HOME is a food brand that delivers meals that meet the various purposes and tastes of customers to their homes.

We are particular about not using additives, and each meal is carefully handmade and is a body-friendly meal, so you can enjoy it with confidence and deliciousness.


  • Renewal POINT ①: You can choose your favorite menu from one meal!

From the product lineup of all 15 categories, you can now select and order your favorite products one by one.
Not only can you combine from each category such as diet, intestinal activity, and health maintenance, but you can also choose your favorite menu.

For example, you can easily make an original set such as “I want to choose and buy only the menu of my favorite hamburger steak!”.
In addition, the “sort” function allows you to sort by nutrient, and “low-carbohydrate and protein” according to the purpose of training etc.
We have also improved the convenience of choosing meals with a large amount of mass.
More than ever, you can customize the menu to suit your tastes and goals!

  • Renewal POINT②: Up to 23% OFF when you buy in bulk!

Until now, only 5 or 10 pieces were sold, but now you can choose the number of items to be delivered from “5 pieces, 10 pieces, 7 pieces, 14 pieces, 20 pieces”.
Not only can you choose according to your schedule and lifestyle, but the more items you deliver at one time, the greater the discount rate per item, and you can purchase at a maximum of[23% OFF]! (* Discount rate when compared with 5 pieces)

Also, if you combine it with a regular purchase, you will get an additional[5% OFF]so if you want to continue using it, you can use “Bulk purchase” x “Regular purchase” at the best price.


  • Renewal POINT ③: Subscription is more convenient and easy to use!

The subscription has been upgraded to be even more profitable and convenient this time, while retaining the features of “always great deals”, “no need to order every time”, and “choose from weekly, biweekly, or monthly”.

Until now, we have delivered “Random” products in a fixed category, but now you can select “your favorite” products!

You can choose by combining each category such as diet and intestinal activity, “I want to make that menu that I was interested in before!” “Since the diet period is over, this time intestinal activity”, etc. What is during the changeable period? You can freely change it according to your taste and lifestyle at that time.

In addition, the delivery day was limited to 3 days[Saturday-Monday]but the schedule can be set more flexibly, such as being able to receive at any time of the week.

Please use the more convenient and easy-to-use subscription!


  • Renewal POINT ④:New product “Side dish plate low-carbohydrate VEGE +” is now on sale!

What is “Side dish plate low-carbohydrate VEGE +”?

The most popular FIT FOOD HOME product is “Side dish plate low-carbohydrate”, but this time we have upgraded and newly released “Side dish plate low-carbohydrate VEGE +”.
It has been reborn as a satisfying one plate by increasing the amount of vegetables while keeping the low sugar content of 15g or less.

The amount of vegetables has doubled.

Compared to a normal low-carb plate, the amount of vegetables has doubled!
(Average amount of normal low-carbohydrate vegetables: 50-80g * Increased amount varies depending on the menu)
By adding various vegetables, you can add nutrition such as vitamins and minerals as well as volume.

The main amount is increased up to about 2.5 times, for more solid seasoning

Furthermore, in response to customer feedback such as “small amount” and “light taste”, we have increased the main amount up to 2.5 times.
It’s perfect for those who want to avoid sugar but want to eat a lot.
In addition, by making the seasoning more solid, not only the amount but also the response and satisfaction of eating have improved dramatically.

With 25 types of lineup, you can enjoy new menus of various genres

Menus of various multinational genres such as Japanese, Western, Chinese and ethnic will appear.
We have a wide and unique lineup of 25 types, from elegant Japanese food to ethnic tastes that make you feel like traveling around the world.
Please try the chef’s self-confidence work of FIT FOOD HOME, which has become even more delicious.

【Product name】
Side dish plate Low-carbohydrate VEGE +
[Product price]Side dish plate Low-carbohydrate VEGE + (Veggie Plus) 686 yen ~ (per piece) * Price when 20 pieces are ordered at one time

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Company name: AIVICK Co., Ltd.
Location: 416 Hachijo-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8471 Yonezawa Kyoto Hachijo Building 6F
Phone number: 075-634-9125
Business content: Personal optimal wellness business

Person in charge: AIVICK Co., Ltd.
Marketing Department
Brand manager Enoki

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